Biden Reaches Hilarious New Lows in His Obsession to Force Vax on People

Joe Biden is supposed to be leading the country, but he seems more interested in being a representative for Pfizer and Moderna.

No matter what data comes out about the vaccines, the danger of the vaccines, or the new omicron variant, Biden just keeps repeating the same thing. Get your vaccine, get your vaccine.

This guy literally sounds like a robot sometimes, and not a smart robot. However, his latest stunt is so ridiculous and cringe that even leftists are calling him out on it.

A video promoting the vaccine with the Jonas Brothers has embarrassed Biden beyond what anyone can imagine. You won’t believe your own eyes when you see how absurd this is.

Welcome to Hell

The short clip was sent out by a Biden lackey called Karen Jeanne-Pierre. It shows the boy band, the Jonas Brothers, lip-syncing a homeless guy from Coney Island asking if people are vaccinated.

It basically makes no sense and is trying to ride on the popularity of the homeless guy from a Sidewalk NYC account on TikTok who says Joe Biden’s name incorrectly as “Joe Byron.”

If you’ve ever wondered why Biden has inflated our economy into a giant bubble, opened our border to an illegal migrant invasion, humiliated us in Afghanistan, pushed woke idiocy in our schools, and failed completely to stop COVID, this video should tell you.

The brains of his regime believe trying to steal the voice of a homeless man from a popular and funny TikTok channel will make him and his administration look popular and funny. That’s how clueless and naive they are.

It’s almost shocking to see just how incompetent these people are, and also how childish. They claim to be so saddened by the people dying of COVID and believe vaccines will save us, but then put out juvenile stupidity like this to encourage people to get the vaccine?

Is this a joke to them or not?

How is This Real?

How is it real that people still buy into what these liberals are selling?

As former WH press secretary Sean Spicer noted in reaction to the Jonas Brothers’ stupidity, if COVID cases are going up so much, why is Biden joking around on TikTok?

The vaccine doesn’t even stop the omicron variant or COVID. Maybe Biden should make a video about that? It’s not like this is the first time, either.

Earlier this month, the Biden regime put out a video with the group Pentatonix about getting your booster shot. It was so cringe and so horrible that people across America couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Like the performance of the Biden regime, their content is absolutely awful and does nothing to achieve its objective.