Biden Promotes Childhood Transgender Agenda

The idea of being transsexual used to be very rare. In certain cases, people are born with the strong feeling they are not the gender they were born as and they get operations to become another gender.

In other rare cases, people are born without a defined gender or with both genitals and must decide their gender.

Yet, somehow, we have gone from that to “transgender” being a mainstream category of identity. Now, it’s being promoted for children who haven’t even gone through puberty. It’s highly alarming and bizarre.

The most recent person to promote kids transitioning their gender is the president of the United States.

Biden Pushes Trans Kid Agenda

We’ve seen leftist politicians across the board mostly embrace the idea of kids changing their gender.

They say it’s about “tolerance” and embracing “diversity.” What they don’t say is how many kids regret their decision to change their gender and become severely depressed and mentally ill, due to it.

Joe Biden put out an announcement on Thursday because it was supposedly the Trans Day of Visibility. In the video, he said he and his regime accept and celebrate trans kids and teens, and they need to get the “respect” they deserve.

He then said parents whose kids want to change their gender need to “affirm” that choice and take the “powerful” step of standing up for their “child’s identity.”

The White House held an entire public relations press conference which is where Biden put out the video from. This video included people saying that being critical of childhood and teenage transgenderism puts trans kids’ lives at risk.

Supposedly, if you don’t allow and celebrate your kids transitioning, they could be in medical or psychological danger from not getting the treatment they need.

Reality Check

While all of this goes on, it’s important to do a reality check.

Only about 0.5% of Americans of any age identify as trans. Why is this issue receiving so much publicity and focus, with announcements from the White House and special days of celebration?

We already see many TV shows and movies celebrating trans identity and many companies like Disney going all out to protect this idea that young kids should be taught about trans identity in school, so the question is why?

It’s not because it’s popular. A recent poll last week showed that only 33% of parents support teaching kids about being trans.

The reason is twofold; the left is trying to distract from their horrific handling of the economy and foreign policy right now by keeping people arguing and emotional.

The second reason is that this is part of a long-term plan to divide families, confuse kids, and weaken American society. This way, the technocratic, globalist ideology can take over and eventually control people’s lives more.