Biden Pressed to Finally Take Cognitive Test or Quit It All

The seemingly senile condition of President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden has been making global headlines for years. A former White House physician is now pressing Sleepy Joe to finally undergo a cognitive test or withdraw from the 2024 presidential competition if he refuses.

Now That Biden’s Running for Reelection…

While in February, 80-year-old Biden once again underwent an annual physical exam. He was proclaimed to be almost perfect, but the current White House doctor, Kevin O’Connor, shyly omitted the issue of Biden’s clearly declining cognitive and mental abilities.

However, the issue has become even more pressing since Biden announced his reelection plans. Except Biden didn’t go for a big speech at before a huge crowd and only issued a three-minute video.

Thus, former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who is now a US representative from Texas, launched a new onslaught to demand that Joe Biden finally take a cognitive test.

Jackson, who was the White House doctor for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, insists in a letter distributed among congressional Democrats that Biden ought to quit the 2024 presidential race unless he undergoes a cognitive exam, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Jackson’s letter is expected to garner Republican lawmakers’ signatures before it is sent directly to Joe Biden himself – as long as his White House caretakers allow him to read it, of course.


Ronny Jackson Is on It Again

This isn’t the first time the former White House physician pushed for a review of Biden’s seemingly faltering cognitive abilities.

Even as this is Jackson’s third attempt to get Biden tested, it doesn’t seem likely the White House would agree, since the result would probably be devastating for the Democrats.

In any case, this time, the Texas Republican’s letter is using even stronger language to demand that Sleepy Joe’s cognition either gets tested or he should drop out of the 2024 contest and resign immediately.

In his letter, Jackson points out Biden’s public speech gaffes and other blunders have become so frequent that a Google search for “Biden gaffes” yields more than 14 million results.

He added that a recent left-wing pollster found 75% of Americans want presidents to be cognitively tested, while 57% are concerned about Biden’s abilities.