Biden Preparing for Foreign Conferences Where He’ll Reintroduce a ‘Global’ America

US vice-president Joe Biden official visits to the European Parliament by European Parliament is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

President Joe Biden has been clear from the start that he’s a globalist.

Although he has also focused on a “Made in America” idea in his campaign and touted support for unions and American workers, Biden’s actions have spoken louder than his words.

Killing oil industry jobs, focusing on global climate change and rebuilding international alliances, talking constantly about norms and respect and “unity.”

Let’s be frank: this is textbook “globalist-speak.”

All it really means at the end of the day is something extremely simple: America second, and in some cases third, fourth…or even last.

It wouldn’t be fair to say Biden doesn’t love this country. Of course he does, but in his own way. For him America is an “idea” and a global unifier with the power to act out a UN-style agenda and solve big problems.

The fact that “solving” these problems will only create bigger problems is something that people like Biden or his VP Kamala Harris dismiss as unimportant in the larger goal.

Now with the Munich Security Conference and Group of Seven coming up, Biden will be speaking about an end to America First and a reentry to the global community and partnerships.

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Collective Action and Global Initiatives

In his remarks today Biden will be stressing the importance of collective action and working together to confront challenges like the global pandemic and climate change. He’s sharply turning away from the America First agenda of President Trump and instead seeking to rebuild free trade bridges and military alliances that Trump didn’t want America tied up in.

Biden is also going to ask European, Asian and other world leaders to step up with more funding for economic relief and infrastructure, which will further solidify the power of central banks and central governments over dependent people who have been reduced to rubble by the economic closures and shutdowns of the pandemic.

Biden is also going to be saying a lot about his usual favorite keywords like “democracy” and “protecting institutions” against foreign interference.

This will be his first time talking to world leaders at a conference, including at the crucially important Munich conference which includes defense officials and world leaders from many powerful nations.

Biden’s Foreign Policy

Biden is also going to be talking about his strategy in Afghanistan – which may come as news to those who thought he didn’t have one, and tackle the issues of Russia and Iran. Mainly his speeches will highlight that the US is ready to play nice with NATO again and let other countries go back to shirking their burden.

With the US prepared to talk about a way back into the Iran Nuclear deal that Trump left, Biden may also be seeking to rebuild diplomatic bridges with countries like France, the UK and China on an approach to Iran.

In addition to the fact that Biden is going to play nice with everyone and say all the right words, what he’s doing is not really in America’s interest. During a devastating pandemic that’s already killed more than 493,000 Americans and collapsed many small businesses there is one country that Biden should be focused on right now: America.

This is not the time for big rhetoric about “transatlantic partnership” and “democracy” it’s a time to actually fix the problems and issues affecting the United States, including the ongoing crisis in Texas.

It’s natural that a President delivers remarks internationally and states America’s position to the world. But in such a situation he or she should be very clear about where Washington stands: on the side of the American people, not NATO or the World Economic Forum or the United Nations.