Biden Massively Humiliated as His Regime Denies Knowing What ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Means

There’s a chant that’s been spreading across the country to tell Biden what we think of him. It goes “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The way this started was several weeks ago when a reporter at a NASCAR race said fans were cheering for Brandon Brown when, in fact, they were saying “F*** Joe Biden!”

That’s why it’s now become such a chorus of our current culture; it calls out Joe Biden and the fake news media that covers for him like paid propagandists.

Biden and his globalist regime have taken away so many things from this country, but they can’t take away our defiance. Hilariously, however, the Biden crew now claims to not even know any of this is going on.

Oh, did you miss the stadiums full of people chanting it?

Let’s Go Brandon!

As these chants continue to spread, it’s hilarious and pathetic that a Biden White House representative says they don’t know what it is. Of course they do.

From football games to concerts, people have been shouting it for over a month and humiliating Biden on the national stage. If you’re getting beaten in a sports game and you say you’re not aware the other team just kicked a devastating field goal, does that undo the field goal? Negative.

Biden is losing and being mocked to his face; the only response of his incompetent and weak White House is to claim they aren’t even aware half the country is telling him to go stuff himself.

They’re definitely very, very aware, believe me.

There’s a Hole in the Official Story

The problem with the official story claiming the chant is unknown to the White House is this: Sleepy Joe himself has talked about it before. While cruising through the Keystone State last week, the president saw signs saying, “F*** Joe Biden!”

Later during his speech, Biden claimed he’s one of the top presidents in US history and well-loved by most people, except “some” of those he’d passed on the road.

There are more than a few, Mr. President, believe me.

An Ironic Twist

The ironic twist to all this is the liberal media claims to be shocked and offended by the chants. Meanwhile, they encouraged and gave a free pass to Antifa and the biggest scum on the planet for four years under Trump.

The media was swearing at Trump and saying all sorts of horrible things about him and his family. They have no moral high ground to stand on at all, here.

Furthermore, their claims red MAGA states are the origin of so much hate is false, considering half the states where these chants are spreading are blue as a bluebell.

Sorry, Biden. America’s just plain had enough of you.