Biden Launches Crusade Against ‘Ultra MAGA’ Americans

When Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1979, he had a slogan: Let’s Make America Great Again.

After his victory he proceeded to do just that, helping topple the Soviet Union and bring America out of the shadows of leftism.

When Donald Trump ran for POTUS in 2016, he borrowed from this motto, using Make America Great Again (MAGA) as his rallying cry.

People loved it. They put Trump in office where he brought us record levels of prosperity, freedom, and international stability.

Sadly, those days have ended, at least for now. We now have an unhinged old man in office controlled by the far left, and the situation in our country couldn’t be worse.

Speaking recently, Joe Biden went on a disturbing rant about his hate of what he calls “ultra MAGA.”

Biden Goes on Unhinged Rant Against MAGA

The midterms are coming up in a few months and things are looking very bad for the Democrats. As the flag bearer, Biden is trying to do what he can to scare up a few votes.

The problem is he has no actual record of success to look back on. He even admitted that record inflation and economic problems right now are the fault of his administration.

So instead, he’s focusing once again on his dislike of conservatives and the MAGA crowd. Biden said Trump built up record deficit and tricked idiotic people into following him and he’s now left cleaning up the mess.

He claimed to think MAGA meant “maggot” when he first heard it and says the “ultra MAGA” crowd is now running the Republican Party.

What is ‘Ultra MAGA’?

Nobody really knows what ultra MAGA means, because it’s a nonsense term. It seems to refer to everyone Biden dislikes in the GOP, especially those who put America First.

We’re talking about those who still back President Trump and believe this country should come ahead of illegal immigrants.

We’re talking about those who back our military and police and are sick and tired of critical race theory and the far-left agenda.

Ultra MAGA really just means everyone who’s willing to take a stand for this country and oppose the left’s radical socialist agenda. It includes most Americans, and Biden knows it.

By trying to make “ultra MAGA” seem like a tiny minority of nutjobs, he’s hoping to gaslight the country into turning on the America First movement, but that’s not going to happen.

The Bottom Line

Biden and the Democrat Party are against America. That’s not a talking point, it’s reality.

They want to act like they own the moral high ground, but the only thing they own is a mountain of inflation, abandoning our troops, and leaving our border open.

Vote them out!