Biden Issues TWISTED THREAT About Upcoming Midterm Elections

Remember when Joe Biden said everyone had to get the COVID vaccine or they’d die in a “dark winter” full of death? Well, doom and gloom Joe is back at it again, but this time, he’s onto a new tune.

As the world descends into all-out war and Ukraine battles off Russia, America is going through its own crisis. Gas prices have never been so high; food and our everyday life are spinning out of control.

Biden blames Vladimir Putin, even though this started long before Putin ever invaded Ukraine. Though Biden also sees danger on the horizon for himself and his party: the upcoming midterm elections.

That’s why he’s now issuing a twisted threat.

Biden Whines and Threatens

Biden does one thing when he’s under pressure or being held accountable for his actions: he blames someone else and then complains and threatens anyone who fact-checks him.

He’s far more aggressive and childish than what the liberals accused President Trump of being. Biden simply won’t take responsibility for anything. It’s almost like he’s not actually president.

That’s exactly what he’s doing once again, whining the coming two years will be a very “sad, sad” time for America if the GOP retakes the House and Senate. He said only his policies will truly help us and make sure the Democrats win this November.

Biden said he’s “incredibly proud” of what he’s done while leading the country and other Democrats should be as well. According to him, the crucial thing now is to be confident about it and let everyone know they’re not ashamed.

Well, they should be! Biden is living in a fantasy world if he thinks the past two years haven’t already been very sad years. They were some of the worst in recorded memory for most of us as a country.

Biden Says America United Against Putin

According to Biden, in the same speech, Americans are also all united against Putin. He said his record in standing up to Putin speaks for itself and will help the left win the midterms.

Again, what world is this guy living in? The reset ideas of the Clinton administration and weakness of Barack Obama and Biden have all led us to this moment of Putin crushing Ukraine with vicious savagery.

The president of Ukraine even said if Biden had helped sooner, they wouldn’t be in such a dangerous situation. It was simply too little, too late. Biden’s nice rhetoric now doesn’t cover up the fact that Trump is the only one who Putin truly feared.

You Can’t Blame Putin for Everything

The fact is you can’t blame Putin for everything, as much as Joe Biden wants to try to do that.

The Democrats are going to lose big in the midterms.