Biden is Trying to Put a Communist in Control of the US Money System

The position of Comptroller of the Currency is crucial for the smooth running of this country. This individual works within the US Treasury to keep our federal banking system stable and functional.

However, Joe Biden’s nomination for Comptroller is literally a communist. Now, members of both parties are speaking out, alarmed by the radical history and beliefs of nominee Saule Omarova.

Her background and political ideas are genuinely shocking; they make the socialist idiocy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders look tame in comparison.

This is who Biden wants running our banking system?

Meet Saule Omarova

Omarova is a Marxist who graduated from Moscow State University in the late 1980s. She was there on a scholarship named after Russian communist founder and violent insurrectionist Vladimir Lenin.

Omarova stated on the record the communist economy is much better than capitalism and Western ideas for economics. She went on to become a law professor at Cornell University in the United States; this is no surprise if you know anything about our higher academic institutions in this country.

Let’s be clear here: Omarova is far from stupid. However, she’s also a literal communist. She’s insulted America multiple times, even saying our “gender pay gap” and insufficient maternity leave for women shocked and traumatized her after she immigrated here.

In the USSR, they never had such ridiculous problems, she claimed. Do you know what they did have plenty of in the USSR? Bread lines and political executions.

People like this woman don’t deserve to live in the United States. Full stop. They certainly don’t deserve to get nominated for heading up our banking system. Omarova also said multiple times the US free market system is bad and needs to be scrapped.

It Gets Worse

As usual with Democrats and the insane people who rise up in their party, it gets much worse with Omarova. When she’s not busy defending genocidal communist regimes, she’s busy coming up with ideas to do away with banks.

Omarova wants to change them into a government-run system of redistribution run by the left. Specifically, she wants to create a national department with a council that uses huge funding to focus on fighting climate change and forcing our economy to change in every way.

Omarova said multiple times she wants to see the fossil fuel industry, along with the oil and gas sector, crushed and pushed down by government force. Omarova also worked already in the federal government under globalist George W. Bush and his treasonous administration.

The Bottom Line

Omarova perfectly illustrates the insanity and idiocy of the Biden regime. It doesn’t have any respect for this country or its history. That was clear when someone like Kamala Harris was named vice president.

Now, it becomes even worse by the day when people like Omarova are attempting to be shoved down our throats. Not now, not ever. Let’s pray the opposition to her results in her nomination being struck down.