Biden is Reportedly Planning to Literally Give Money to Terrorists

Joe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan was recently called the “most embarrassing” event that has happened in US history. This accusation was made by former President Trump during a speech in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump is absolutely correct. The Afghanistan pullout was also tragic beyond belief. We saw babies being handed over fences, brave American troops blown up by suicide attackers, and thousands of Americans stranded behind enemy lines at the mercy of the Taliban.

Our troops fought for years against these Taliban psychopaths, only to have Biden trust them with the lives of American citizens. Now this story is getting even worse: the Biden regime is giving a massive amount of money to the Taliban.

Money for the Women-Hating Mullahs

The Biden regime has been having discussions with the Taliban “government.” The location of the talks is Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, a kind of supposedly “neutral ground” for this kind of diplomacy to take place.

Apparently, the main ideas were to talk about stopping the return of Islamic extremist ideology in Afghanistan and letting foreign terrorists use the country. What better people to talk about that with than medieval psychopaths who lock women in houses and spent two decades trying to kill our troops, right?

Basically this new ISIS offshoot, ISIS-K, is a group the US wants the Taliban’s help in fighting against. ISIS-K is blamed for the late August attack which killed 13 of our brave troops at Kabul airport.

However, the Taliban said no and refused to help during the talks in Qatar. What these dirty terrorists did get, instead, was a whole bucket load of American taxpayer money.

Details of the ‘Humanitarian’ Handout

The US will be sending a bigger “humanitarian” aid package to Afghanistan because of its severely struggling economy and shutdown financial systems. Although the Taliban still aren’t diplomatically or officially recognized by Washington, this basically amounts to the same thing.

No matter how you try to get the money distributed on the ground, the Taliban is the one with the guns. They control Afghanistan, and there’s no doubt they’re going to decide exactly how that money is handed out and who gets it.

At this point, the Biden regime has not confirmed the news, but the wind has been blowing this direction for some time. There’s no reason to doubt the idiots in Biden’s crew are willing to go along with a financial handout.

In other words, the Biden regime just apparently emboldened and strengthened a fanatical terrorist organization.

What Exactly is Going On?

We know America already gives a lot of money to our enemies. People like Senator Rand Paul have been calling to end it for years now, as did his father former Congressman Ron Paul.

Once this news is confirmed, it will equate to a continuation of the worst aspects of the Biden regime: anti-American, weak, treasonous, and absolutely, glaringly stupid.