Biden Has Created a Border Nightmare with Terrified Kids, Overfilled Facilities

170104-D-SV709-0575 by U.S. Secretary of Defense is licensed under CC BY 2.0

America’s southern border with Mexico is quickly becoming a national emergency.

As if there wasn’t already enough to deal with, the open border asylum policies of President Joe Biden have brought a wave of migrants from Central America and Mexico. Most are in search of more opportunities and a better life, some are criminals, others have COVID.

And many are unaccompanied kids.

When President Trump followed the law and housed the children while authorities looked for their parents and tried to ensure they weren’t trafficked, the media went absolutely ballistic, saying he was keeping kids in cages.

Now that Biden’s doing even worse you can’t hear a cricket chirping.

Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016 by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Biden’s Border Breakdown

The amnesty policies of Biden have been a complete failure. Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has even referred to Biden as the “migrant president” because of his policies.

With some Texas border facilities now at 729% capacity, there’s no room for more people and children are sleeping on the floor, unable to go outside or call their parents and crying in fear and sadness.

What a “compassionate” legacy for Biden…

Unaccompanied minors forced to sleep on the floor, many trafficked, others confused and unsure what to do with their dreams of reaching America now in question as their status is sorted out.

It’s a disaster, but as far as Biden’s Democratic cheerleaders and supporters are concerned it’s barely even happening.

And the facilities are far from a luxury hotel, either. But you won’t hear the word “cages” used anymore, for some reason.

What are the Detention Centers Like?

An investigation of the detention centers showed that they are a pretty hard place to be for kids. There aren’t many showers, so the youngsters can only wash themselves once a week, and there isn’t even enough space for everyone on the floor so some of the kids have to take turns sleeping on the ground in shifts.

Reporters who’ve been there said many kids are crying horribly and aren’t allowed out for more than half an hour a day and are also not being permitted to call their parents.

One facility visited by CBS News near McAllen, Texas had a capacity for 250 children but had 1,800 currently crammed inside there as of early March.

And it’s only gotten worse since then, as migrants and traffickers flock to the border to take advantage of Biden’s amnesty proclamation.

It’s genuinely disturbing, but because it’s under Biden we aren’t hearing nearly enough about this outrageous situation.

Even while America struggles to come back from this awful pandemic and go through an economic recovery to help any surviving small businesses come back from the dead, the southern border has become a major hotspot for human traffickers, unaccompanied kids and COVID.

Catch and release is back in for migrants, so the traffickers and adults who brought the kids are now in the country or in quarantine – which I’m sure they’re all obeying – while the poor children sleep in squalor in overcrowded detention facilities and the media gives Biden a free pass.

It’s hard to believe the level of hypocrisy that’s currently happening, but after the Obama Administration and the way they were treated by the media perhaps it should come as no surprise. Conservatives should start organizing protests against Biden’s cruel treatment of migrant kids and his humanitarian disaster that his open border policies have caused.

Clear laws and closed borders is one thing: tempting people to come with amnesty announcements and then locking up the kids while you figure out the next step is the height of cruelty.