Biden Has Committed Treason

President Joe Biden can’t be blamed for everything in Afghanistan. However, he can be blamed for a lot of what’s happening right now and for the tragic deaths of 13 of our military yesterday.

He can be blamed for leaving Afghanistan in the stupidest way possible without a proper plan. Biden can also be blamed for committing treason by giving information on Americans and Afghan partners to the Taliban.

He Did What?

Reports have now emerged that the Biden regime gave information and records to the Taliban of everyone who was still trapped in Afghanistan; they reportedly did this so the Taliban would let them through the checkpoints to the airport.

Yesterday’s attack by ISIS-K killed 60 people and 13 US military members. ISIS-K is an enemy of the Taliban, but this situation of leaving a terrorist group in charge of American security is treasonous.

Families have lost loved ones to Taliban terror for over two decades now. You do not work with them as a security partner in extracting civilians from a warzone. As Trump said, the way Biden has pulled out like this is the “dumbest move” in US history. It’s also treasonous.

Taliban Are Now Allies?

The US military is “coordinating” with the Taliban during this withdrawal, according to our Pentagon. Considering the Taliban is now in control of the country, that’s logical; however, it’s still a shame and horrible to let our enemy control our withdrawal from a country we made decades-long sacrifices for.

The Biden regime can give all the excuses they want, but working hand-in-hand with the Taliban is a nightmare and it’s treason. Our brave troops didn’t sacrifice everything so that a senile commander-in-chief could walk in and sell them down the river to a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists. This isn’t just incompetence; it’s something darker.

Even the Media is Stunned

Even our liberal media is stunned at this point. They are trying to decide whether our senile commander-in-chief is intentionally betraying this country or whether the puppet strings are being pulled from behind the scenes.

There’s good reason to believe that some treasonous individuals behind the scenes could be calling the shots; they could even be trying to turn the Taliban into the good guy and bail out on everything we fought for.

Under President Trump, none of this would have happened. He had a plan and he wasn’t joking about punishing the Taliban if they went against that plan. Joe Biden has worked with our enemy and left them all the power.

Biden then set up the situation in Afghanistan in such a way that we were wide open for an attack by these terrorist ISIS-K monsters yesterday. It’s time for Joe Biden and his accomplice Kamala Harris to step down and face potential prosecution. We want a real president back who’s going to fight for this country.