Biden Grows a Backbone with Surprise U-Turn on Cuba

President Biden’s silence on Cuba has been disappointing and weak, but now he’s finally broken it with a strong statement against communism, calling the ideology “a universally failed system.”

Biden also said he’s looking at getting internet access back to the people of Cuba who’ve been protesting against the communist dictatorship that rules their country. This is good news, and Biden is saying the right things, even if it’s coming a little bit late. Now let’s see if he backs those words up with action. 

Biden: Cuba is a ‘Failed State’

In a press conference with German leader Angela Merkel, Biden let loose on Cuba’s government, saying it’s “repressing” its people and that Cuba is a failed state. This is correct on both counts. 

Biden also said that the US is looking at various ways to help Cuba, but wants to make sure that any help – including aid – doesn’t just boost up the dictatorship itself. At least this is a step forward from when one of Biden’s State Department underlings said some nonsense about Cuba’s protests being about COVID, not freedom. The president is facing reality, and that’s a good thing.  

Pleading for Action

Cuba’s government shut down the internet due to the protests. They were shooting at protesters who swarmed communist government offices in various city’s across the country. So far, Democrats and their socialist enablers in the media have been all but silent on calling for action. 

However, Republicans including Florida’s Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nuñez and Governor Ron DeSantis have pleaded for Biden to take action. As DeSantis said, standing with the people of Cuba is “a noble cause” and America must get behind it.

DeSantis is right…and he’s also right that Biden sits in the big boy chair now and so it’s up to him to start making things happen.

How Will Biden Help?

Biden said he may allow Cuban Americans to send money back home once again in remittance payments. Trump ended that to stop the money feeding into the Cuban economy and enriching the dictatorship.

Biden said he also wants to make sure this doesn’t happen so he’s holding off on that. In addition to maybe getting the internet running in Cuba, Biden has also said the US may send batches of COVID vaccines to “help” the people.

Here’s the Problem

Biden’s DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas said Cuban refugees will be turned away. That’s bogus nonsense. How can Biden claim to stand with the people of Cuba while turning away their refugees because they’ll vote Republican?

Secondly, America is turning into Cuba because of the policies that Biden is allowing including critical race theory, internet censorship by big tech, high taxation, and election corruption. Let’s support the people of Cuba, but let’s also be honest that this administration is not doing OK, by any means, and things need to change here too.