Biden Goes AWOL as Border Crisis Descends into Pure Chaos

The crisis on our southern border has become a war. Videos of thousands of unknown illegal immigrants streaming across the Rio Grande are leaving Americans outraged, as they should be.

The Biden regime has no control of our border with Mexico; they’re allowing dangerous drugs, criminals, rapists and human traffickers to use our border as a money laundering and transit point.

In the middle of this crisis, any normal administration would be doing what they can to respond. Yet, the Biden regime isn’t normal, much less even loyal to America.

In the middle of the crisis Biden is doing exactly what you’d expect: he’s going on vacation.

Disaster in Del Rio

Take the Texas town of Del Rio as an example. This small community has been swamped with around 15,000 migrants near its bridge.

Many of the migrants crossing in at Del Rio and trying to get over the international bridge are actually Haitians; they have entered the US over the past few days from the Mexico side.

It’s not only Mexicans and Central Americans who are trying to score a free place in America. People from all over the world have heard the news about the Biden regime.

It will let you in the country and give you a court date that you never have to show up for. Then, you’re living in America without following any of the rules.

Biden Takes a Breather

As the border becomes hell on earth and Democrats do nothing, Biden is headed to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for a break. This is obviously ridiculous with everything that’s going on, especially the border.

On the other hand it probably does get exhausting to fail so hard on such a consistent basis. Therefore, may I humbly suggest that Biden turn this weekend vacation into a permanent departure from office?

If he does want to come back on the job, then here’s a list of a few of the crises he needs to face:

  • 200,000 illegal immigrants a month coming over our southern border
  • American citizens still trapped behind Taliban enemy lines in Afghanistan
  • Runaway inflation and economic problems caused by his COVID response
  • An international fiasco with our allies caused by his idiotic foreign policy decisions

If he wants to actually start trying to repair these problems and address them, then Biden should come back. If not, he and Kamala should pack their bags and disappear. We won’t miss them.

Democrat Denial Won’t Save Us

The Democrats want us to close our eyes and forget about everything that’s going on. They want us to blame Trump, make excuses, or say that securing our border is racist and therefore can’t be done.

It’s all lies. The reality is that our southern border is crucial to the security of this nation. Right now, emergency steps need to be taken to lock it down and deal with these desperate migrants and the criminals who are trafficking them.