Biden Gives Bizarre Speech in Poland

Joe Biden has led America and the world to the brink of disaster. We are now on the edge of World War Three, following Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

In addition to Ukraine, one of the countries most affected is neighboring Poland, which is west of Ukraine in central Europe. The nation of Poland accepted millions of refugees who have fled out of the war zone in Ukraine.

Biden headed to Poland’s capital of Warsaw to give a big speech on Saturday, but what happened is not what he was hoping…

Biden’s Warsaw Speech

Ukraine’s brave effort to fight back against Russia’s invasion is inspiring. Ukraine has surprised the world with its courageous defense of its homeland.

Biden had some emotional moments and strong points in his speech while talking about this in Warsaw. However, his repeated appeals to “democracy” and liberty didn’t actually include specifics.

What will Washington actually do to help Kiev here and now in their war?

Instead, Biden did something he wasn’t supposed to do, which upset even his top advisors and Pentagon brass. He went off script and said everything must be done to make sure Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Now, on the surface that may seem fine. After all, why should we want Russia’s corrupt and violent Vladimir Putin to stay in power?

The problem is Russia has been claiming NATO and the US want to kill its leadership and replace its government for years now.

Biden just confirmed it on the record. He basically just hit the replay button on this war and ensured it is much harder to end.

Biden: We Must Stay Strong in the ‘Decades’ to Come

In his speech, Biden said all pro-freedom and western allies need to stay strong in the coming “decades,” indicating he foresees a long term New Cold War against Russia.

He warned it won’t be “easy” and amped up the tension even further.

Immediately following Biden’s remarks, the White House clarified Biden wasn’t saying Putin should be overthrown or killed, as Senator Lindsay Graham advised.

Instead, the White House claimed, Biden was just saying Putin shouldn’t have so much power in eastern Europe. If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona. C’mon man…

As a huge audience in Warsaw listened to Biden, they were hoping for an inspiring American hero. What they heard instead was a drama queen who made vague statements about democracy with no actual firm commitments.

It’s also fair to be very confused, since Biden mistakenly told a group of soldiers they’d be deployed to Ukraine (untrue) and also said the US would blast Russia with chemical weapons if Russia uses them first (untrue).

Regime Change in Russia

If regime change happens in Russia, it will have to come from the Russian people.

If it comes from the United States, it would only be the result of a huge war. Let’s hope Biden starts keeping his mouth shut more often before he gets us into something we can’t get out of.