Biden Gets Forced to Keep Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

The Biden government has been an absolute disaster for this great nation. That is especially true along our southern border; they have allowed in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and set them free with no court date.

However, now the Supreme Court has stepped in and forced our ruling regime to obey the law. In an extremely important decision, the Supreme Court has said that Biden must reapply the Remain in Mexico policy which was in place under Trump.

What is the Remain in Mexico Policy?

The Remain in Mexico policy requires illegal immigrants caught in the US to return to Mexico and wait until their claim for asylum is processed.

Three of the judges on our Supreme Court did not agree, but the majority did and the decision passed. It was passed up to the Supreme Court from a lower court which said that ending the Remain in Mexico policy was illegitimate and it needed to be put back.

The Biden regime now legally has to do its best to start sending illegals back to Mexico while they wait to hear about their claim to stay in the US.

This is a huge game-changer; although, the Biden regime could still try to strike down the program as a whole. So people need to keep a close eye on our un-American leadership.

Patriots Celebrate

The Biden regime could still have many tricks up its sleeves, but patriots are celebrating nonetheless. This is a good day for America.

The Department of Homeland Security, led by dedicated leftist Alejandro Mayorkas, said that putting the Remain in Mexico policy back in is regrettable. Mayorkas also said they will keep trying to overturn it in court.

Leftist groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said that Remain in Mexico stands in the way of a “fair asylum” process and is unacceptable.

Under President Trump, many illegals who tried to come into our country were immediately sent home; they were then forced to wait to find out if they’d be allowed in.

This makes a lot more sense than just letting them in and then asking them politely to show up for a court date in a few months (which they never show up for).

A Big Loss for the Biden Regime

The Biden government is already whining about this decision. They are saying it will hurt relations with Mexico and others and that it gets in the way of Biden’s “authority” to decide about issues like immigration.

After so many years being a reckless law breaker, it definitely will take some training wheels to try to rein in this reckless, lawless president. Biden needs to learn that the law is the law. If nothing else, do it to stop COVID, Joe.