Biden Forgets the Trip He Took to Ireland

For years on end, there have been concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and his fitness to serve as president. Even before Biden managed to get into the White House, he was stumbling over his words, forgetting things, and having trouble with not wandering off.

The president has consequently faced multiple calls to take a cognitive test and then reveal the results to America. Biden hasn’t done this. Many Americans believe that if he did publicize the findings of such a test, it would prove he’s not fit for the White House.

Now, the president appears to have suffered yet another memory lapse, according to the New York Post.

What’s Going on Here?

Towards the end of April, the White House hosted an event known as Take Your Child to Work. Biden naturally participated; however, things went awry when children at the event started asking him questions.

The president, by his own admission, failed to remember a trip that he took to Ireland less than one month ago. Eventually, one of the children Biden was talking to reminded him of the event, prompting him to ask how the child knew this.

Before getting the reminder of Ireland, the president claimed that keeping track of this stuff wasn’t very easy for him.

A Terrible Look

If the president can’t remember taking a trip to Ireland very recently, then it begs to question what else he could possibly be forgetting. This naturally sets up a disastrous scenario, especially given the access to sensitive information which Biden has.

He should be able to remember very basic details and other information that’s more complex. If Biden is unable to do this (which seems to be the case), then it’s all the more reason why he shouldn’t be making any decisions or leading as president.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.