Biden Answers Questions After Fall of Afghanistan and It’s Even Worse Than You Imagine

Joe Biden has been hiding away in the woods at Camp David while Afghanistan crumbles. He made a robotic teleprompter statement, but so far he’s been shying away from facing up to the mess he made. However, now Biden has finally done an interview, and it’s a total disaster. He did the interview with liberal journalist and former Democrat employee George Stephanopoulos.


Remember when Hillary Clinton was questioned over Benghazi? The CIA was running a gun smuggling ring and let a bunch of Americans get killed while the embassy got overrun. The Obama regime lied about why it happened and their role in directly letting it happen.

When she was questioned later as secretary of state, Clinton yelled about how it didn’t make any difference why it happened and it was over now anyway. I’m bringing this up because Biden’s “interview” with Stephanopoulos had a very similar attitude.

Biden was angry, defiant and like a spoiled kid. He said that what he’s done pulling out suddenly from Afghanistan was fine. He didn’t even have any solution for the 15,000 Americans he’s abandoned in a dangerous terrorist state.

As for when Stephanopoulos brought up fleeing Afghans falling off planes and the complete chaos of the airport, Biden snapped back that it was “four days ago!” and refused to address it. I think Sleepy Joe needs a nap (or actually an impeachment and a swift kick in the butt out of office).

Biden’s Lies and Errors

Only a month ago, Biden literally said the Taliban were “highly unlikely” to take back over Afghanistan once the US troops left. Now he is saying that thousands of stranded Americans and complete chaos was just the “price” he knew he would have to pay.

The problem is that it’s not Biden paying it; it’s Americans and brave American troops who are now stationed at the airport and elsewhere protecting vital US assets. Biden’s faith in the Afghan army to rally up and defend their country was wrong.

His lack of a plan in getting America out was wrong. His blame of President Trump for the way he screwed up leaving was wrong. He’s a total failure and it will be a surprise if he even gives any more interviews since this one went so poorly.

Refusal to Take Criticism

After years of ragging on President Trump for not taking criticism well and being egotistical, it turns out the Democrats are even worse. Biden has zero sympathy or kindness for anyone but himself; he has no consideration of what Afghans who helped the US and trapped Americans are going through.

He leaves our border wide open while trapping US citizens inside a completely closed border under the mercy of a bunch of insane Taliban psychopaths. Joe Biden needs to be impeached immediately.