Biden Doubles Down on Vaccine Mandate

Joe Biden is an enemy of freedom. If that wasn’t already clear enough, he just came right out on Tuesday night and said it.

He was speaking with a channel called WHIO TV about vaccine mandates, but the most disturbing thing is what Biden said next…

Biden Wraps Himself in the Flag

Biden’s interview with WHIO was like watching a slow-motion trainwreck. His out-of-control arrogance and temper showed themselves when he was asked about his vaccine mandates getting struck down in court.

At the federal level, Biden is being pushed back; his mandates are being scrapped, which caused the interviewer to logically wonder whether he’s going to keep bothering.

Biden repeated the claim our current COVID situation approaching 800,000 dead is because of the “unvaccinated.” Biden said the complaints about freedom mean nothing to him.

Instead, Biden conveyed he’s more focused on “patriotism” and on Americans doing what’s right for everyone else. He did what globalists always do: wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to be patriots.

They must not realize none of us are fooled.

Biden Mocks Those Who Are Worried About ‘Freedom’

In the interview, Biden said those who are worried about “freedom” are way off track. They should be worrying instead about getting the vaccines and getting weekly tests so they don’t spread the disease, Biden claimed.

He forgot to mention those who are vaccinated still spread COVID. He also forgot to mention the new omicron variant affects the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated by three to one.

He also forgot to mention many people have died from the COVID vaccines and had serious side effects including myocarditis and pericarditis, a provable fact backed up by coroners’ reports.

Biden is Losing the Battle on Mandates

Part of the reason Biden is dropping the nice guy act is because he is losing. Democrats like to smile and nod while they talk about diversity and rights, but if they start to lose, they drop the act.

They want one thing: power. Then, when Democrats don’t get power, the mask starts slipping off. That’s actually an ironic part of it; many leading Democrats have been caught out in public breaking their own mask mandates, including Biden on several occasions.

As our border stays open and as unvaccinated illegals flood in and our economic inflation shoots to the moon, Biden’s angry rants about the vaccine are falling on deaf ears.

If you want to get it, get it; otherwise, keep quiet. We don’t need Biden to pretend to save us all.

More and more judges are siding with exactly this opinion, as it is the only legal one. Biden’s games are reaching their logical and disastrous conclusion: failure…as the lies are exposed one by one.