Biden Commits US to Massive New War

Joe Biden’s reign in power has been a horrific disaster in every sense possible.

Our economy is crashing with inflation; our culture is under attack from the far left and our military has been left to rot after being betrayed in Afghanistan.

Biden is easing up sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba. Meanwhile, he’s cozying up to dictators in Iran while talking about how conservatives and “ultra MAGA” are the evil ones. He is a disgrace to this nation who absolutely deserves to be impeached.

This is even more true now that Biden just committed this country to a massive global war. Here’s what happened…

Biden Commits to War Against China

China is our biggest global threat. There’s no doubt about that. They are currently working with the Taliban in Afghanistan after our exit and with Pakistan to oppose our ally, India.

China also gives a blank check to Russia and Vladimir Putin to continue their aggression around the world and ongoing rape of Ukraine.

Closer to home, Chinese spies have flooded our institutions, government, and defense agencies. Meanwhile, Chinese economic interests are buying up our real estate and companies. It’s an emergency.

However, that doesn’t mean we need to fight a war against them physically. It means we need to get serious about restricting Chinese citizens’ entry into our country.

We also need to restrict Chinese Communist Party-linked assets and companies from operating in any connection to our universities, companies, and government departments.

Instead, Biden just said America will go to war with China if it attacks Taiwan.

Biden Said What?

Speaking during a press conference in Japan on his recent visit to Asia on Monday, Biden said the US military will be deployed to fight China if it attacks Taiwan.

The island nation, which considers itself the true Republic of China (ROC), is an important ally and a major manufacturer of vital semiconductor technology.

They were formed after the Chinese nationalists lost their war with communist mass murderers during the late 1940s and the Civil War.

While communist leader Mao Zedong encouraged peasants to burn their landlords’ farms and starved anyone who wouldn’t listen, the nationalists were eventually forced to evacuate and set up their government in Taiwan.

They watched as insane, mass-murdering communists ran China starting in 1949, starving people during Mao’s genocidal “Great Leap Forward” and subsequent policies.

There’s no doubt Taiwan matters, but it’s not America’s job to fight and die for every corner of the globe where there’s a problem.

Biden said he doesn’t expect China to touch Taiwan anyway, so the question isn’t important.

He’s absolutely wrong. What we don’t expect often happens in the real world. China is getting more powerful by the day.

The Bottom Line

Now, our troops are committed to a war with China. Good job, Biden.