Biden Blocks Plane of Americans Fleeing Afghanistan from Landing in US

Joe Biden’s abandonment of thousands of Americans in Afghanistan will go down as one of the most shameful chapters in American history. Despite scrambling at the last moment and sacrificing brave troops to get most of these Americans out to cover for his colossal mistakes, Biden still ended up leaving hundreds behind.

These citizens are still trapped behind enemy lines as the Taliban hunts them; while the Pentagon says there are only about 100 left, aid workers on the ground say the real number of US citizens is actually over 1,000.

In any case, these people left behind are obviously doing everything they can to get out on their own. Since the Biden regime won’t help, they’re doing it themselves.

Chartered Plane Leaves Afghanistan

Project Dynamo is an aid group focused on helping US citizens get out of Afghanistan. It’s led by a man called Bryan Stern, who helped charter a Boeing 787 aircraft to get more than 100 of these Americans home.

They took off successfully from Kabul and went to the UAE at Abu Dhabi, where Stern already arranged for these folks to get on another chartered plane and head to New York.

That’s when the problems began. US Customs already authorized the flight, but it was denied landing in the states and had to wait in the UAE airport for a day now.

The US State Department says this is just them making sure everyone on board is “screened” and checked; they should be able to “rebook” and find other commercial flights home after.

According to the State Department, there have been various problems with people on flights who weren’t listed on the manifest and children who’d been brought along without authorization.

The Biden Regime’s Glaring Double Standard

As we can see, the Biden regime is fine with letting thousands of illegal immigrants in our southern border; yet, it forces a plane full of traumatized citizens to sit in a foreign airport for days while they carefully check their paperwork.

The Biden regime is a sick joke and a humiliation to this country beyond belief. Groups like Project Dynamo are doing everything they can to help out and make sure everyone on board has their shots and is fully cleared to land.

This is only to be told at the last moment they can’t land in the US. It’s outrageous and insulting; although, at this point, nothing the Biden regime does should surprise any of us.

No one should ever forget the scale of betrayal when Biden pulled out and left Americans behind in a warzone. It should be repeated over and over for the rest of our history because it is so egregious, treasonous and horrific. This story just adds salt on the wound.

Biden’s Not Helping

Groups like Project Dynamo have done their best to coordinate with the State Department and government agencies, but they’re not getting much help.

Aid workers have repeatedly said the Biden government is hampering their efforts to get people out and being almost no help at all. Last month, let’s not forget Glenn Beck’s organization got a plane hired to fly people out of Afghanistan, only to have it stopped by Biden and his gang.