Biden Blames Trump for Afghanistan Disaster

President Joe Biden is only capable of two things: making excuses and making life harder for the American people. By now, less than a year into his presidency, even liberals are realizing what an epic disaster this man is for the country.

He has major failures in every category, but the recent sudden pullout from Afghanistan and takeover by the Taliban ranks as the worst yet. This is one of the worst defeats in US military history and a shameful stain on the nation’s honor.

Biden, meanwhile, takes zero responsibility; he’s saying he “inherited a deal” made by Trump and it wasn’t his fault that things ended this way.

Here’s the Truth

Afghanistan was a huge mess from the start. Our troops did their jobs, but they were expected to rebuild and “democratize” a country that didn’t want it.

Soldiers fight and defend the nation: that’s their job. Left-wing generals and pencil-pushing civilians back home tried to get our military to manage civilian populations and act as patrolling police and it was a disaster.

The Taliban simply hid out and waited, hitting our troops randomly at various times, blending back in and out of the civilian population. They struck us with IEDs and sudden ambushes.

Meanwhile, we tried to train up the Afghan forces and deal with the enormously corrupt US-backed Afghan government enriching themselves off our taxpayer dollars.

Then; the Taliban made a deal with Trump and the world that they didn’t intend to honor; they thereby waited until our troops pulled out to take back over the war-torn country.

Here’s the difference: if they had double-crossed Trump, he would have gone absolutely ballistic and destroyed the Taliban…but Joe Biden just makes excuses and shows no leadership.

Joe Biden just blames Trump.

Trump Isn’t to Blame

Trump did want to get troops out of Afghanistan. He did cut a deal with the Taliban to have peace. He did reduce troop numbers in Afghanistan drastically down to only several thousand.

What he didn’t do was write the Taliban a blank check. Trump let them know strict conditions and that they would be obliterated if they tried to take back over.

As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, Biden’s “pathetic blame shifting” isn’t something he’d even allow from his young son, much less the president of the United States.

The Nightmare is Just Starting

If the Taliban start to partner up with other terrorists again, what will Biden do? Chances are he will blame Trump again. That’s why having a professional victim in charge is so dangerous.

Our troops can tell there is no real leadership at the top. When that happens, you have disasters like the one we are currently experiencing. Biden needs to go. He doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.