Biden Betrays His Base on Student Loans, Liberals Going Nuts

Joe Biden and his regime are among the worst this country has ever seen. They split the country apart, pushed a radical left agenda, obsessed over COVID vaccine mandates, and drove the country into an inflation crisis, border crisis, and humiliation in Afghanistan.

The ironic thing about Biden is he’s not only betraying the country and those who hoped for a better future, but he’s also been letting down his own voters. The latest example is student loans.

Biden came in promising a free ride. Now, he says he changed his mind. Sorry, Biden voters.

Biden Laughs in the Faces of His Own Supporters

Biden hasn’t just crashed our energy industry, opened our borders, and ruined businesses with his COVID fascism; he’s also reversed course on many things his own base wants.

He came in saying student loan payments were on hold indefinitely due to the pandemic. Now, the pandemic is supposedly continuing at full speed with the omicron variant (which is more dangerous among the vaccinated and has killed 0 people).

Nevertheless, the Biden regime says student loan payments are no longer paused and will start back up on the 1st of February. Students can look forward to those high-interest rates kicking back in.

Press secretary Jen Psaki said the free ride is over and noted there will be a “smooth transition” back to normal. According to propagandist Psaki, the pause in student loans helped a lot of people save money, due to the pause in interest payments on loans.

Liberals Going Nuts

Liberals went nuts at the news student loans won’t be paused anymore, saying it is a “broken” election promise. They also say this will contribute to an even worse loss next year in the midterm elections for the Democrats.

At this point, the Democrats are already set up for historic losses anyway, but it’s true that Biden stabbing the last friends he still had in the back won’t help. Now, all those unemployed basement students studying gender and critical race theory are going to stop voting for him, too.

Hilariously, one of those who was angry about the new development was the partner of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Chasten Buttigieg made fun of the new rules and criticized them.

Doesn’t Pete bring home enough bacon to look after them both and their new baby? It’s a crazy time, and with Biden losing his last block of support, it’s looking even worse for the left.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is Biden is incompetent and reckless; he has no business being in the White House as president. Furthermore, Biden just ruined the last sector of support he had.

Look forward to him becoming a complete lame-duck president next year.