Biden Bans Travel from Africa

Right at the beginning of the COVID outbreak, President Trump did something bold and unprecedented. He shut down all travel from China.

It made perfect sense, since China was the origin of the new virus. However, the left wouldn’t stop yelling about it, claiming Trump was a racist and an idiot.

One of those who insulted Trump was irrelevant former Vice President Joe Biden. He said Trump’s border shutdown was ignorant and wrong. Now, less than a year into his presidency, Biden is shutting down the borders to Africa.

Why is Biden Blocking Travel from Africa?

The reason a number of African nations will be banned from entering the US is supposedly a new variant of COVID called omicron.

Right as we find out the vaccines are not as safe as advertised (with professional athletes dropping like flies in the middle of games and side effects adding up), a convenient new variant comes up. Strange how that works, no?

Now, Biden is blocking incoming air travel from eight African nations, including South Africa, saying the new variant is too much of a danger to Americans.

He’s on vacation in Massachusetts for a long Thanksgiving, so Biden didn’t bother making any actual public announcement about this. He just pushed it out through the White House communications channels.

I guess Biden does have a lot to be thankful for. After all, he became the leader of the best country in the world when he really belongs in diapers in front of a TV.

Who’s Banned?

Specifically, this prohibition will stop travel from the following places: Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Eswatini, and Malawi.

These African countries have a lot of people who are black in them. Taking the lead of the liberal media, we can only assume Joe Biden is doing this because he has a problem with black people.

Wait for the wall of outrage to start up on cable news any moment now. I’m just joking. Biden will face zero reaction from the liberal and corporate media puppets who cover for him on a daily basis.

Even when COVID numbers haven’t gone down at all, and the vaccines have been a cruel joke, the media has relentlessly shilled for Biden.

Not once have they looked at Biden’s big promises on taking office about how he had a “plan” to wipe out COVID and get the nation back on track.

The Bottom Line

This African travel ban won’t stop COVID. However, it should show anybody who’s paying attention the double standards of the liberal media.

When Democrats do something stupid and racist, they get zero pushback. When Republicans do something smart and not racist, they get called racist anyway.

It’s outrageous and it’s one of a thousand examples of why this country needs to ditch the left.