Biden Bans All Travel from India

Man with AIDS in hospital. India by World Bank Photo Collection is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Remember when Trump banned travel from China during the early stages of this ongoing pandemic?

The liberal media started flinging their crap like frantic baboons. Racism! Xenophobia! Horror! 

They cried and whined, trying to score woke points in their little locked gate communities and ivory towers. 

Who knows how many lives Trump saved with that decision, God bless him, and thank God he ignored the leftist politicians and their traitorous media allies. 

Now President Joe Biden is being forced to confront reality as well, and announced that all travel from India is being shut down. 

I always say that even progressives have to eventually confront reality and leave behind their childish illusions.

This is that. 

The Wagah border closing ‘lowering of the flags’ ceremony by baxiabhishek is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

India: Crisis Zone

India is currently having 400,000 COVID cases per day and 3,050 deaths per day on average. People are literally collapsing and dying on the streets of Indian cities and doctors there say the situation is apocalyptic. There’s no doubt that whatever you believe about COVID something very horrible is going on in India. 

So Biden banning travel makes perfect sense. The only real question, actually, is why he didn’t do it earlier, considering that India has been on its way to being a complete disaster zone for weeks now. 

The other question is Biden’s glaring, pathetic hypocrisy (which brings up progressive hypocrisy as a whole). 

Just before Trump announced his travel ban on China last year on Feb. 1, Biden rallied in Iowa, saying “this is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia.”

The next day Sleepy Joe got even more worked up at the news that Trump was shutting down travel from China, the hotspot of this new and mainly unknown virus.

“We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science – not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering,” Biden tweeted on Feb. 1.

Don’t believe me? Look below.

Progressives Against Science

The truth is that progressives constantly line up against science. They do it when they deny that human life in the womb is human life. They do it when they pretend that emotions stop a virus such as believing banning travel from China is racist therefore…means it shouldn’t be done to save lives? Bizarre, dangerous and reckless behavior. 

Even Dr. Tony Fauci opposed the China travel ban. Later he changed his tune, trying to take credit for it and saying “we” did well in blocking travel from the communist country.

“We’ve done really quite well thus far, and I think one of the reasons why is that what we did early on was that travel restriction from China, preventing a lot of people who are infected, particularly from Wuhan, from coming into the country,” Fauci crowed in late February, 2020. 

Trump also shut down travel with Europe in March and did his best to keep the virus under control, even launching the highly effective Operation Warp Speed to get vaccines made and researched in record time. 

Are you noticing the pattern I’m noticing? 

On the border and illegal immigration and the Remain in Mexico policy…Trump was right.

On foreign policy and letting Afghanistan solve its own problems…Trump was right.

On COVID and shutting down travel from dangerous hotspots…Trump was right. 

On opening the economy and minimizing the fear and hysteria that’s wrecking our national morale…TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

Say it with me. 

Now even Sleepy Joe is having to admit it, copying all Trump’s policies once reality forces him to face the fact that Trump was right. 

Now if only he and his VP Kamala Harris would admit it and step down. We can do better.