Biden Approves Additional Aid to Ukraine

Last year, Russia declared war on Ukraine, sending forces to invade and ultimately take over the nation. The dictatorial president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, believed this invasion would be over within a 72-hour time period; however, he was rapidly proven wrong.

The good people of Ukraine have been hard at work to fight back against invaders and ultimately prevail in this war. A huge asset for Ukraine has turned out to be the supplies and funds coming from western countries, such as America.

However, despite everything that’s going on in Ukraine, there’s been some serious controversy regarding the United States repeatedly giving resources to Ukraine. Many Americans believe this is happening at our nation’s own expense.

Nonetheless, that’s not stopping Biden from approving even more resources to head to Ukraine, per Breaking Defense.

A Closer Look at More Aid Going to Ukraine

Within a new package heading to Ukraine will be elite Bradley Fighting Vehicles. For quite some time, it was unsure if the federal government would approve this; though now, Americans have official confirmation.

In order to make the most of weaponry like Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Ukraine forces are also going to receive training. This training will allow the nation’s forces to be most effective in not only beating back attacks, but also reclaiming land that Russians have so far stolen.

Later today, the Biden administration is expected to announce the approval of Bradley Fighting Vehicles for Ukraine. This will undoubtedly be controversial to Americans who believe we’ve done enough for Ukraine and need to focus on domestic issues facing our people.

Bradley Fighting Vehicles have the capacity to carry half a dozen soldiers, along with engaging in various combat. Tools such as this will certainly further flip the odds in the favor of Ukraine.

No Limits on Aid?

Last year, the president was questioned about the extent of aid to which he’d be willing to send Ukraine. Biden responded by declaring the aid will keep coming for as long as it takes.

While some Americans are supportive of this sentiment, many are not. There are still ongoing concerns about domestic inflation, the ramification of the presently damaged supply chain, growing crime rates, and more.

Judging from Biden’s past pattern of behavior, Americans can expect for him to send over even more arms, aid, and weapons to Ukraine, well after the Bradley Fighting Vehicles arrive.

In the meantime, domestic issues here in the United States are going to continue impacting how this provision of aid is perceived.

What do you think about Joe Biden approving even more aid and weapons to Ukraine? Do you agree or disagree with this? You can leave all your thoughts in the comments area below.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.