Biden Administration Lands in the Hot Seat Again

In America today, it is now common knowledge that Joe Biden sat on classified documents for years on end. The president, since such records were found in multiple locations — including his home and office –, is not taking responsibility.

Just last week, Biden defended himself by pointing out that the classified documents were in his locked garage, which is better than them just being out there. However, the former vice president’s garage is not the appropriate location for top-secret records.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been twisting itself into pretzels to run cover for the president. According to Red State, these efforts to defend Biden at all costs have now exposed the White House in some new lies.

No Accountability Whatsoever

This past Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre alleged the search for classified documents came to an end. Jean-Pierre also claimed that Biden felt very confident about how things were turning out.

Though it turns out the search was not, in fact, done. On the very same day the White House press secretary made these claims, the president’s special counsel discovered additional sensitive records.

Meanwhile, Americans didn’t learn about these new discoveries until just yesterday.

Based on the timeline of all this, Jean-Pierre’s claim of the search for documents being finished arrived as the search was still very much ongoing.

Therefore, the White House flatly lied; there’s no room to claim this is a result of misinterpreting the details or otherwise making a mistake.

What Else is Biden Hiding?

It is an unfortunate fact that the current White House continues to be dishonest about the classified documents in Biden’s possession. This administration has clearly prioritized painting the president in a good light over ensuring the American people get the facts.

Because the White House is being untruthful, it begs to question what else Biden may be hiding that has yet to be discovered. It’s also not unreasonable to wonder what else is in the classified documents recently found by the president’s special counsel.

Given how things are playing out, it remains to be seen if Biden will be held accountable for keeping these records in his possession for years on end. Some Republicans, like Georgia Rep. Marjorie Greene, view the current scandal as grounds for the president’s impeachment.

In the meantime, Biden can count on his supporters and allies continuing to provide cover for him.

What do you think about the White House dishonestly claiming the hunt for more of Biden’s classified documents came to an end? Do you believe even more sensitive records are going to be discovered in the president’s possession?

Please feel welcome to use the comments section below as a sounding board for what you think comes next.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.