Biden Administration Ignores Court Ruling and Releases Migrants

The Biden administration’s catch-and-release policy for unlawful migrants needs to be halted. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was effective in persuading a judge of that. However, the Biden administration disregarded the judge’s decision.

Biden Administration Goes Rogue

As The Free Press observed on Friday, U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell granted a temporary order of protection at Moody’s motion to prevent the government from releasing jailed illegal immigrants on the day after Title 42 expired.

Due to a crisis in public health, the federal legislation known as Title 42 permits the government of the United States to deport illegal immigrants before having a hearing.

Wetherell decided the Department of Homeland Security’s purportedly revised detention policy was “materially identical” from one he deemed in violation of the law back in March.

Hence, the judge ended up siding with Republican Moody and granting a temporary injunction. However, Moody’s win was fleeting.

The Washington Times claimed on Sunday that DHS “paroled” some 2,500 illegals who were apprehended at the southern border on Friday against the court’s directive.

According to the Times, Wetherell’s order, which the administration of President Biden is appealing, went into effect on Friday. It’s unknown which powers the federal government utilized for the new paroles.

Calls for comment were not answered by DHS or the Justice Department.

Prior to the conclusion of Title 42, 6,000 individuals were released on Thursday. 2,500 individuals were released on Friday.

The White House was attacking the judge as he was insisting the administration deal with the tumultuous immigration scenario it produced in accordance with the law.

White House Upset

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, criticized Wetherell’s decision on Friday, labeling it a political gimmick.

During a news conference, Jean-Pierre stated the assertion that CBP is enabling or promoting the bulk release of migrants is just absolutely untrue.

She claimed that doesn’t correspond to what is taking place. Additionally, she said the Department of Justice will contest the decision since it is damaging.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.