Biden Admin Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Over Cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline

Premier meets with Keystone XL workers by Government of Alberta is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

You may remember that as soon as Biden got into office he started signing executive orders like crazy; forcing transgender guys into girls’ sports, pushing green energy, and cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline are a few that stand out.

What you may not remember (because the liberal media barely reported it) is that a number of states sued Biden for cancelling Keystone since his actions were illegal. 

As Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen explained, the Constitution clearly bars any president from “unilaterally” undoing congressional acts. Therefore, Biden had no right to interfere in interstate commerce in such a brazen way. 

Now 23 states in total are suing Biden over his illegal cancellation of Keystone, with Alaska and Florida recently adding their names to the campaign. 

Premier meets with Keystone XL workers _ by Government of Alberta is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What Does the Lawsuit Claim?

In addition to saying Biden had no legal right to cancel Keystone, the lawsuit argues that the cancellation was contrary to the interests of energy customers and the American people. 

As Knudsen pointed out, the Colonial pipeline hack demonstrates just how much America requires “more energy infrastructure.” This includes oil so that people don’t have another situation where they’re lined up at gas pumps paying way too much, not knowing when the taps will be turned back on. 

The Keystone cancellation hit states like Montana hard, devaluing their oil and making the whole situation of the struggling economy even worse. 

As Knudsen said, Montana maintains the fight against “federal overreach” and is proud to stand with 22 other states to reverse the cancellation. 

Trump signed Keystone into law after it was approved by Congress. The fact that Biden went ahead and cancelled it like a spiteful schoolboy just to get back at Trump is a perfect metaphor of his whole presidency:

Doing what’s awful for the American people because it virtue signals that he’s not like Trump (or disagrees with Trump) and then only eventually proving Trump was right…

About the origins of COVID and the danger of China,

About Keystone and American energy independence,

About foreign policy and the need to build up our military…

About all of it!

Here’s the thing…

Cancelling Keystone didn’t help the environment. That oil still needs to get transported by rail or other methods. It still needs to get refined. 

We saw what happened at Colonial when some hackers got in and mixed up their systems. 

Biden does not have this all under control.

Everything is not fine and we want a real leader like Trump back who actually does what’s best for America, rather than just pursuing idiotic and harmful policies that are bad for this country’s economy and people.