Biden Activates Chinese-Style Surveillance

It’s no secret the Biden government is hostile to free speech. These people are part of a worldwide movement of progressives and high-tech elites who hate ordinary citizens and want to run their lives.

Part of the crackdown on free speech has come from social media and gatekeeping in the mainstream media; another aspect of controlling it is the government creating more and more departments.

They do this by appointing “czars” who head up pet projects, as President Barack Obama did for many issues he wanted to push through.

Now, Biden is copying his boss, putting in a new head of “disinformation.”

Meet the Lady Who Decides What’s True or Not

As we’ve seen with fact-checking sites like Snopes and liberal media campaigns against fake news, these fact-checking missions only go in one direction: against conservatives and patriots.

The new czar of disinformation is no different. She will be heading up efforts to root out disinformation and expose it on behalf of Biden and his cronies. Her position is inside the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Who is she? Meet Nina Jankowicz, a typical globalist academic type who used to work at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Her biography still puts the Ukrainian flag before the American one. Jankowicz has also been very involved in aiding Ukraine’s government information operations.

In other words, this woman is a liberal elitist who knows how to spin narratives and support progressive causes while claiming to oppose “disinformation.”

Biden brought her on board to have a smart-sounding individual who can use fancy words that basically say the left is always correct and the right is insane and ignorant.

Let’s Get Real

If you believe Jankowicz and her so-called Disinformation Governance Board at DHS will actually be tackling real Russian disinformation campaigns and stopping Americans from being hoodwinked, I encourage you to take a look at the last five years of American history.

We have seen years of lies all for political agendas on the left pushed by the mainstream liberal media, including the Russiagate hoax. Then, we saw zero apologies when they were proven wrong.

Jankowicz will obviously be doing mainly one thing and that is telling Americans what’s true or not.

This assessment of what’s true will be based on what Biden, Harris, and the rest of their neoliberal globalist friends want people to believe.

The Bottom Line

According to the Biden regime, Jankowicz will focus on lies spread by Russia and lies about the border crisis. We have more than enough real problems.

Trying to downplay the crisis on the border or pretend that any opposition to Biden is from Russia is idiotic and completely false. Let’s hope not too many of our fellow citizens fall for this Soviet-style dog and pony show.