Beto O’Rourke is in Denial About the US Southern Border

Issues with the US-Mexico border have persisted since Joe Biden got into office. Shortly after settling into the Oval Office, the president got to work, ripping down policies that former President Trump set in place.

While rolling back Trump-era border policies, Biden failed to put in place reforms of his own. Therefore, this created a situation where large numbers of migrants routinely appear at the southern border.

The federal government has been repeatedly called upon to fix this issue; yet, there’s been no real action from the current administration.

As a result, border states like Texas have been forced to do the work of the federal government in trying to secure the border.

Texas also just so happens to be in the middle of a governor’s race. Democrat Beto O’Rourke is running against GOP Gov. Greg Abbott. However, O’Rourke’s latest comments about the southern border certainly won’t do him any favors, per Fox News.

Not a Good Look For O’Rourke’s Campaign

On Monday, O’Rourke went to Rio Grande City to further his gubernatorial campaign. However, when he started talking about issues concerning the southern border, things definitely took a left turn.

The Texas Democrat described the border as “pretty great,” despite record levels of illegal immigrants and drugs coming across the border.

Illegal crossings have gone up under the current administration. Americans who live in border towns and are directly impacted by these crossings would beg to differ with O’Rourke’s claims that all is well.

Not only did the Texas Democrat talk about how great he thinks the current southern border is doing, but he also slammed Gov. Abbott’s work to get the border back under control.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke has yet to criticize the current policies of the Biden administration that led to the southern border facing all of the issues it’s up against today.

Pushback From Republicans

Various members of the GOP have slammed O’Rourke’s Monday remarks about the border as clownish and out of touch. Others stated the Texas Democrat should visit the border for himself if he truly believes it’s doing so well.

It’s also been noted that O’Rourke’s comments on the border provide some very real insight into how he’d lead as governor of Texas. While Abbott’s been working to bring back order and commonsense policies, O’Rourke would embrace the polar opposite approach.

Then again, the Texas Democrat is severely behind Abbott in the polls. It seems as though most voters of the Lone Star State know that electing O’Rourke would not be in their best interests.

What do you think about Beto O’Rourke’s latest comments about the southern border? Let us know in the comments area below how you think these statements will impact his current run for governor.