Ben Shapiro Humiliates Woke College Student

Ben Shapiro is one of the leading conservatives in America. He’s smart, articulate, religious, and has a happy family and prosperous business at the Daily Wire.

Shapiro doesn’t just talk a big game; he lives it out every day.

Part of that includes going to college campuses and giving talks for various right-leaning organizations, including groups like YAF (Young Americans for Freedom).

At one recent event at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, the question period really went off the rails after a woke student decided he was going to get up and make a fool out of Shapiro.

It didn’t go how the student expected.

Woke Student Gets Publicly Humiliated

The UNC Greensboro student who questioned Shapiro decided that he would try playing a trick on him. First, the student got up and said how smart he is, bragging that he’s won the top science and math grant in the country.

The part of Shapiro’s talk which he decided to take issue with related to gender. Shapiro had talked about how men and women are biologically different and definable; this student disagreed.

That’s why he chose the question period to sound off, bragging about his intelligence and then saying Shapiro isn’t a “biologist” and has no idea what he’s talking about.

According to this math whizz, one of the issues is that Shapiro is using definitions from a mental health standard textbook that’s outdated. Nobody uses that one anymore, “bro,” the student crowed.

Shapiro informed him he should stop lying. He referred to the right mental health definition of dysmorphia when somebody is ill and believes they are of a different gender.

This is when the interaction really went off the rails; this creepy student claimed that Shapiro can’t sexually satisfy his own wife and can’t get her “w*t, bro.”

‘You Get No P*ssy’

The student claimed that Shapiro, who is happily married to a beautiful woman called Mor Toledano and has three kids, “gets no p*ssy” and can’t sexually satisfy his wife.

Shapiro obviously heard what this idiot said, but ignored it and pursued him on his lies.

The creepy woke bully was looking around for high fives from his far-left friends, but instead, the crowd started laughing at his desperation.

Who talks about someone else’s sex life to try to disprove what they’re saying? It makes no sense.

As for the student’s actual arguments, they were even stupider than anybody could believe. He argued that dividing people into male and female is a “white, colonial” construct that’s not real.

Shapiro pointed out every culture in the world divides people into men and women. The student responded some cultures include a “third gender” category that’s not male or female and define gender in that way.

As Shapiro responded, “they’re wrong.” This really isn’t that complicated!

The Bottom Line

Woke culture is even worse in university than anybody realizes. This student should have his top math awards revoked, just like Shapiro said.