Being Woke Just Got a Lot Harder in Virginia

Virginia used to be run by far-left extremist and infanticide supporter Ralph Northam.

The blackface leftist dragged the state into very dark territory, introducing anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) into classrooms. Northam also flooded the state with harmful liberal economic and social policies.

Northam’s reign has come to an end; ever since the stunning election of Glenn Youngkin to the governorship, the commonwealth has been in much better hands.

Youngkin is a Republican, but he’s not just a talker. Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Youngkin gets things done and takes action.

He’s put in place an administration that’s competent, bold, and action-oriented. Also, he’s made it much harder to be woke in the commonwealth of Virginia.

CRT Tipline Lets People Report Anti-American Propaganda in Schools

One of Youngkin’s key actions since getting in office has been to set up a hotline where you can tip off authorities about the teaching of CRT and anti-American material in the classroom.

It matters because Youngkin put in a statewide executive order that prohibits the teaching of CRT in Virginia schools; this includes anti-American and “inherently divisive” material.

That’s the thing about Youngkin; he didn’t just whine about CRT in order to score votes. He did it because he was serious about stopping it; since the left realizes that, they’re scared.

If you watch the reaction, many leftists are joking about the tipline and sending false reports intended to mock Youngkin and conservatives, but underneath their bravado and laughter is clearly fear.

They are used to having a blank slate to indoctrinate our young generations in the classroom by teaching them America is evil and racist. Since these lies are no longer allowed, they’re confused and scared…

What’s the Tip Line Specifically For?

According to Youngkin’s office, the tip line is for parents, teachers, and concerned students to bring up questions or problems with the curriculum in schools.

Some teachers say it is making them scared for their jobs and “endangered” in their careers. They say that they are worried that commemorations like Black History Month could be reported to the tip line for being divisive.

These teachers are also reportedly worried that teaching about the past of slavery and colonialism could lead students to get upset and report to the tip line.

These are reasonable concerns, but the fact of the matter is Youngkin is not unreasonable or a denialist of history. CRT teaches a black and white version of history that is divisive.

Explaining the real history, including its negative parts, is not CRT. That’s as long as it is not presented that white or other people have essential or inherited traits that make them guilty for what was done by others.