Barstool Sports Raises Over $18 Million to Help Struggling Small Businesses

Dave portnoy by Zach Catanzareti Photo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Barstool Sports is a popular pop culture and sports blog that’s helping out small businesses in a big way. Its founder and head Dave Portnoy has now raised more than $18 million with their Barstool Fund since he started a couple of weeks ago.

Portnoy started the fundraising efforts several weeks ago after becoming frustrated with how many people were being left behind by lockdowns and restrictions that were forcing them to close forever.

‘The Right to Earn a Livelihood is Now Being Stolen’

Portnoy explained his motivation: he believes every American has a right to work and earn a living. Simple.

“I can’t believe in this country that what I consider the most basic right of them all, the right to earn a living, the right to earn a livelihood, is now being stolen. And they’re saying that they protect us,” Portnoy explained. “Let us protect ourselves. You’re not protecting a family that you just destroyed.”

Country and rock superstar Kid Rock weighed in as well, very enthusiastic about Portnoy’s project and the money it’s raised. He pledged $100,000 to do his part to help out and make the country a better place for small businesses.

Beating Congress at its Own Job

Barstool is a popular sports commentary website, but just by bringing ordinary people together it’s beating Congress at its own job. Nancy Pelosi and the House played political games for months to try to force Republicans to allow their left-wing pork into the COVID relief bill and finally passing a bill with only $600 checks for most people.

To be fair, this small amount was also the result of the political blustering and blackmail of Senator Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

The COVID relief bill managed to include $10 million for “gender equality” in Pakistan and $1.5 million to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in the Appropriations Committee, plus $200 million for new vehicles for aid workers helping fight HIV/AIDS (seriously). Let’s not forget $40 million for the Kennedy Center to upgrade its facility even though it already got $25 million under the first CARES Act relief.

As you can guess, Pelosi and McConnell are both on the Kennedy Center board.

Small Business Jobs Act by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Helping Small Businesses for Real

When it comes to Congress, nobody really knows where half the money they’re dishing out goes to. There’s a reason their approval ratings are so low. With the Barstool Sports fund people know – and see – where their money is going.

Touching videos have been released on Portnoy’s Instagram, Twitter and social media showing people who’ve got help and been hurt by the pandemic finding out that they’re getting all the financial support they need. It’s inspiring content.

One example is Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Company boss Jeff Carter, who had to close up shop due to COVID-19 restrictions just when his business was set to grow and move into a building after operating out of a food truck.

“We had a grand opening set for the first weekend in April, and obviously, that didn’t happen with COVID and everything,” as Cartel retold, adding that he was down to about a month of money to keep running anything. “We actually ended up selling the food truck just to keep us going, and it was just a constant pivot.”

Almost all the money he was making went directly to pay employee costs and they were sinking fast. Then the Barstool Fund heard about the situation and is now paying $15,000 per month to help out.

Check out the Barstool Fund to make a donation or apply to receive help for your small business.