“Ballot Boxes” Banned: Trump Wants to Reclaim Electoral Votes

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court verdict banning “ballot boxes,” former President Trump wants the state to overturn the 2020 election results.

Biden defeated Trump with a mere margin of 0.63 % points in Wisconsin, which comprises almost 20,000 votes only.

Supreme Court Verdict Triggers New Controversies

As the state Supreme Court announced the verdict, Trump wrote on his own social media platform, Truth Social, that the outlawing of the “scandal-ridden scam boxes” means he won the state in the 2020 presidential race.

Trump also urged the speaker of the Wisconsin House of Representatives, Robin Vos, to overturn the elections in the state. He noted the speaker has to do the thing which everyone knows “must be done.”

While slamming the incumbent government for riding the country into “HELL,” Trump informed the speaker that “FAIR and HONEST” elections are the need of the country, adding the speaker should “RECLAIM” the electoral votes of the state immediately.

Vos, a Republican, also praised the decision of the top court, but avoided responding to Trump’s comments.

According to him, “illegal drop boxes” will finally be removed from the state, which will ensure election integrity.

Vos also urged Republicans to elect a new governor in the state who could bring more election reforms to the state.

While nothing much is expected now to overturn the last election, the Wisconsin verdict is likely to pave the way to maintain the integrity of future elections.

Wisconsin Republicans often cried foul over the controversial election laws of the state, which helped Democrats win the ten electoral college votes in 2020.

Had the ballot boxes been illegal in the last elections, they would have decreased Biden’s votes significantly. The voter turnout in many nursing home residents touched 100%, which is virtually impossible in any election in the world.

Pro-Trump Republicans Still Want Him in the White House

Meanwhile, a Democratic senator of the state, Tony Evers, criticized the Supreme Court’s decision. He called it a Republican effort to restrict the right to vote for Americans to undermine the elections.

Some pro-Trump Republican strategists are still eyeing to overturn the elections.

Last week, Attorney Christina Bobb, who fought Trump’s legal challenges post-2020 election, asserted Republicans can bring back Trump after winning the 2022 midterm elections, considering that three states withdrew their notifications of Biden’s win in 2020.

Similarly, Mike Lindell, the founder and the CEO of My Pillow, also established Biden should be decertified after the Supreme Court ruling since ballot boxes helped him in getting elected.

Democrats widely promoted ballot boxes in the 2020 presidential election nationwide under cover of the pandemic; the state of Wisconsin was no different.

While the Supreme Court admired the “good intentions” of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the judges also mentioned the rule of law should overcome these intentions.