Bad News for Kamala Harris and Her Presidential Dreams

It’s no secret that Vice President Kamala Harris wants to be president. It’s also no secret that her 2020 run for POTUS went so badly that it’s basically the textbook chapter on how to not run a campaign. 

When Joe Biden picked her as his VP, most people had a sinking feeling inside. We believed this woman would be a disaster for the country. We were correct. Harris has been an absolute disaster on the border crisis, on the economy, on COVID and on foreign policy. Now, a new poll shows that her failures are all catching up to her.

New Poll is Bad News for Kamala

New polls from RealClearPolitics have very bad news for Harris. Her overall unfavorable score is currently 46% and has reached a major high of 48% very recently. Basically what this means is that even many Democrats do not like Kamala Harris. 

It brings up a lot of issues around how much she’s actually an asset to her party, as opposed to a burden. With next year’s midterms coming up, the Democrats have to decide whether they really want Harris as the face of their party. 

If they want to keep control of Congress, putting Harris up front and center on campaigns might be a bad idea. This VP is a toxic woman who destroys campaigns. 

Case-in-Point: Arizona

A good example of Harris not being wanted would be Arizona, where Mark Kelly is working to get back for another term in the Senate. The GOP has a goal of flipping Arizona back to red on the Senate, and Kelly is under a fair bit of pressure.

Harris wouldn’t be much help there. She and Biden only won by a few thousand votes: they’re not popular. States like Arizona have been deeply impacted by the border crisis, including the flood of dangerous drugs like fentanyl that are pouring across. 

Harris’ mixed messaging on the border and her awful trip to Guatemala and Mexico that was a national embarrassment for the Democrats have a price. They make people see that Harris and the Biden regime are useless, counterproductive, and allowing danger to their communities and families to get worse and worse. 

Democrats Blame Trump and Republicans for Harris’ Unpopularity

Various Democrats such as Rachel Bitecofer are saying the reason Harris is unpopular is Trump and GOP propaganda. Bitecofer’s Twitter bio lists her as teaching “Democrats Defense Against the Dark Arts,” and she often calls for the resignation of people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

According to her, Harris has gone down in the polls because GOP messaging has tried its best to ruin her reputation and attack her in any way possible. Sorry, but that’s nonsense. Maybe if Harris wasn’t failing on every single issue people would have more respect for her.