Bad News About Huge COVID Outbreak After Obama’s Exclusive Birthday Party

Former POTUS Barack Obama had a big birthday on Martha’s Vineyard, which is an island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. News that he planned to have 700 people during the current COVID surge of the delta variant caused a stir.

So, Obama’s people said the party was being scaled back and made just for “close” friends. This was obviously a total lie just to satisfy the peasants and people of America who Obama and his liberal friends have zero respect for.

Obama’s birthday still happened; it was still huge and it was still full of spreading COVID, despite the guests being vaccinated. Now, a massive COVID spike has come out of it. Good work Obama!

COVID Spike on Martha’s Vineyard

There are now 74 confirmed cases of COVID on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard, which is the largest amount that’s been there since four months ago. Obama’s birthday was on Saturday, Aug. 7, and since then, the cases have skyrocketed.

Even once he’s out of office, this liberal loser can’t stop causing problems and making things worse in America. For one thing, people had to see the viral clip of this globalist creep dancing the night away to the music of soul singer Erykah Badu.

Hard pass. Now a bunch of people on the island are sick. There was already a large outbreak in Barnstable County on Cape Cod and experts were warning the birthday could be a bad idea.

Yet, Obama didn’t care. It’s all about him and being above the rules, while your kids have to wear masks and live in fear.

Obama’s Birthday Disaster

The Obama birthday was full of at least 400 people. They got together to dance the night away to celebrate Obama turning 60. There were many famous people including Tom Hanks and Beyonce.

Most of these “classy” vaccinated people didn’t wear masks and just had a great time spreading COVID and feeling superior to everyone else.

The Fall of Rome

The fall of Rome was a time of decadence when elites became completely detached from the people. They threw lavish parties and laughed while the empire crumbled.

America in 2021 is looking a little like that as well. Obama is Nero, fiddling while Rome burns and laughing with his degenerate, arrogant friends.

It’s a sad time to see the country dragged through the mud by these globalist scum and Hollywood pervert sex fiends.

You can be sure that if people die on Martha’s Vineyard, you’re only going to hear two main things from our traitorous liberal media.

One: I’m sure Obama’s not to blame, don’t worry. Two: I’m sure it would have been much worse if everyone hadn’t been vaccinated. Everyone get your vaccine and shut up and listen to Dr. Fauci.