Award Winning Journalist Who Wrote Exposé on Bill Clinton Found Dead

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Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to be quite bad luck.

Anyone who spends too much time around them or investigating them seems to end up dead.

It’s a real Sherlock Holmes murder mystery; this all stretches back to the Clintons’ early days rising up the power ranks of Arkansas Democrat politics. It’s only gotten worse since then, including through Bill’s presidency and Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State.

The latest unlucky individual who seems to have mysteriously died is 45-year-old news anchor at ABC 33/40 Christopher Sign. Sign wrote the 2016 expose Secret on the Tarmac about Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s secret 2016 meetup to clear Hillary of any wrongdoing.

The book was published in 2019. 

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Police: Death Being Investigated as ‘Apparent Suicide’

Sign was living and working for ABC in Birmingham, Alabama at the time of his death. According to police, he appears to have died of suicide. 

The former Alabama football star and author was well liked by coworkers and friends. They have since released a statement about Sign that didn’t mention anything about depression or having issues in his life. 

“To know Chris was to love Chris,” his colleagues said in a statement adding that he came back to ABC 33/40 to be close to family.

Sign worked across the country from Arizona to Texas; his coworkers say Sign turned down a huge career opportunity for the sake of spending more time with his family.

Sign was married with three kids; he first met his wife Laura while attending the University of Alabama and pursuing his football career. 

Far from being some hack, Sign was one of the few good ones when it comes to the news media. He won a number of awards for his work, including for breaking news coverage of an attack on two Phoenix cops in 2014. 

The Clinton Body Count

More details of Sign’s tragic death will have to wait to be released. However, the disturbing trail of death that follows the Clintons wherever they go (and with those who are close to them) is truly disquieting. 

If this was foul play of any kind, some might ask why get rid of a guy a few years later if he already wrote the book anyway? The answer would be simple: a warning to anyone who wants to go against the Clintons in the future. 

Take another recent example from 2017: Haitian government official Klaus Eberwein shot himself in the head just two days before he was supposed to testify about the Clinton Foundation and its “work” in Haiti (following its earthquake and thousands of displaced children). 

When you dig back a bit, you find out there’s even a word for those who crossed the Clintons back in the old days in Arkansas: Arkancide. 

Trump calling Clinton a “nasty woman” wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

While we’re on the subject, here’s a link to the Clinton body count

Rest in peace, Christopher.