Australia’s COVID Revolt is Growing as Protesters Swarm the Streets

Here in the United States, we have some conservative politicians and governors who are standing up to the bio-fascist COVID rules. Many other nations are not so lucky.

They are being swamped by corrupt bureaucrats and having every inch of freedom destroyed. There’s no better example than Australia where strict lockdowns just keep coming back and vaccine passports are a daily reality.

More and more Australians are sick of it; therefore, they’re hitting the streets to make their voices heard.

Huge Protest in Melbourne Leads to Shots Fired

At a massive protest in the southern Australian city of Melbourne, large crowds of protesters gathered at the war memorial. The protesters clashed various times with law enforcement.

These clashes included starting to throw bottles, old batteries, and golf balls at police. Police descended on protesters; they started firing rubber bullets, pepper balls and crowd dispersion grenades, with a number of arrests made.

The protests have been going on for a number of days now. Australian leader Scott Morrison said it’s up to people to “calm” down. Part of the reason Australians are so angry is various industries are now being required to get vaccines to come to work.

This is also why the latest protest in Melbourne took place at the city’s war memorial. Protesters are saying they are protecting the freedom that Australian forces died to protect.

They also gathered there because they were hoping that police wouldn’t attack them near the war memorial.

125 Arrests Made

These protests have been going on for quite a few days now. As such, state police in Melbourne made over 125 arrests and hit several people in the latest round of protests.

The head of police called the protesters “disrespectful” for coming to the war memorial to make their voices heard. Meanwhile, Australia’s liberal media refused to show the protests on live TV so they wouldn’t encourage them to spread.

People are angry about forced vaccines and the ongoing lockdowns, leading to growing crowds of hundreds everyday.

Australia has also begun building massive COVID detention facilities to keep people in for quarantine; these facilities have some of the strictest rules in the world.

It’s clear that the last remnants of Australia’s freedom-loving people are revolting against their nanny state tyranny.

Protests Across Australia

The latest round of anger in Melbourne is part of ongoing protests across Australia. These include thousands rallying in the eastern city of Brisbane and in the capital of Sydney.

Arrests have been made, but many Australians aren’t willing to take this tyranny lying down and they’re hitting the streets.

This shows that no matter how far down a country seems to be, there’s always room to rally back and stand up for freedom and basic human dignity.