Australia Enters Next Stage of COVID Tyranny: Quarantine Concentration Camps

Australia was built by the British empire and filled up with convicts and rejects. It managed to become a successful and wealthy country, but it never really stood up to its tyrannical past.

Unlike America, which fought a revolution, Australia laid back and let England do what it wanted. Then, a few decades ago, it gave up most of its guns with a massive gun confiscation and buyback program.

Now, despite the country having barely any cases of COVID-19, it has the strictest lockdown rules in the world. Australia has strict vaccine rules, massive fines, penalties, and the government seizing bank accounts and property.

Now, the quarantine camps are also starting to open for those who won’t comply…

Welcome to the Northern Territory

Other states in Australia put in strict measures, such as having to answer the phone when the government calls and be in the place you’re allowed.

They then use facial recognition technology to check you’re in the right location and if not, they send police.

Several Australian states also opened quarantine camps; large ones are being built in various locations to house people entering the country or with suspected cases.

The Northern Territory in Australia opened quarantine camps for those with COVID and they’ve put in complete lockdowns that include no right to leave your home to buy groceries.

It happened because there were nine positive tests in a small town in the north. Only one of these people even had symptoms; however, that didn’t stop the local government from putting in place the new system to “monitor” how they were doing.

Anyone coming back in the country to the Northern Territory gets housed up in the string of trailers for monitoring and two weeks of quarantine as well.

Inside the Camp

Promotional videos about the camp show it as being a nice and normal place. However, videos from inside the camp showed a less welcoming time, with one inmate saying they all “line up” like “dogs” for meal times.

Plus, as this inmate said, when those in the camp didn’t play by the rules, things got pretty nasty. One time, a lady tried to push her mask away from her mouth to drink tea. She then got “swarmed” by police who immediately showed up.

This is not something you expect to happen in a Western country, but it’s happening right now in Australia.

Communist crap holes like Vietnam used camps to hide the amount of COVID cases they had. They pretended everything was great, but it’s not something you’d expect Australia to do.

The Bottom Line

The US can’t afford to become like Australia.

No matter how good the reasons sound for opening special quarantine camps and holding facilities, we’ve seen too many examples from history where it quickly becomes a nightmare.