At Least 83 Dead After Massive Tornados Hit Kentucky, Nearby States

Numerous tornados struck Kentucky and five other states on Friday, killing 83 people, with the death count expected to climb well above 100. There are entire towns in Kentucky reduced to rubble, as crews search desperately for survivors.

Joe Biden has said Kentucky is in a national disaster, as families desperately wait for news of their loved ones. This also comes as survivors try to recover from the terrifying memories of their lives and homes being destroyed.

A Tragic Weekend

Around 30 tornadoes hit Kentucky and other states like Illinois, with locals saying they’re the worst storms they’ve ever seen in the state. One of the worst-hit areas is Mayfield, Kentucky, which was completely destroyed.

This included a candle factory where 40 individuals were rescued. In terms of the candle factory, there are 60 people who are still unaccounted for. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear warned there probably won’t be any more people found alive.

Survivors, such as Tony Meeker, said the tornado struck out of nowhere and sirens went off only seconds before impact. People’s ears had a strong sensation of popping, as air pressure fell, and then it felt like a “bomb” exploded.

Governor Beshear said his own grandparents’ neighborhood had homes that were destroyed; many people are going to be recovering from this for years to come.

Another place that was badly hit was Edwardsville, Illinois, where an Amazon packing plant got hit and six Amazon workers died.

Bezos Says He’s Sorry

After the Amazon plant was wrecked, Bezos said he’s “heartbroken” and he’s going to give money to Edwardsville, while Biden also started funneling money to the area.

FEMA is headed to Kentucky today to help out and set up more provisional emergency housing for survivors. Many people in Kentucky don’t have power, over 10,000 as of this writing.

People in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Mississippi have also been badly affected. This is one of the worst tornados in American history. The very worst happened in 1925 when a 219-mile-long tornado raged through Missouri and killed 695 people.

Let’s hope this disaster is nowhere near that death toll. As of now, things are definitely not looking good and there are still hundreds of people unaccounted for.

Pray for Kentucky

Kentucky, Illinois, and other states are in a lot of pain right now. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s link above is a good resource to help out survivors and affected families. Another good way is to pray.

Tornados are terrifying natural disasters that can rip up entire houses like nothing. The survivors and those who have lost loved ones are in a lot of pain right now, confused, and lost.

As we approach Christmas, let’s think of those stuck in such a tragic situation. Pray for Kentucky.