‘Assisted Suicide’ Goes Fully Mainstream in America’s Best Neighbor

The radical left’s push to obliterate Western civilization has been hitting us head-on. It seems to be gaining huge ground as one-third of the people in our northern neighbor Canada now approve of “assisted suicide” for poor and homeless people.

Progressivists Strive for Rotten West – and They Are Succeeding

Millions of Canadians are “fine” with killing off their wretched ones simply because the latter might be homeless and/or poor. Local commies in Canada have managed to legalize and promote “assisted suicides.”

Thus, about one-third of Canadians support the “prescribing” of “assisted suicide” to their compatriots who may happen to be either poor or homeless, The National Post reports.

That is according to a recent poll by Research Co. looking into how “comfortable” Canada’s citizens have become with MAID (“medical assistance in dying”), as “assisted suicide” is also called.

In March 2021 and in a new moral downfall, Canada became one of a few countries that legalized assisted suicide, including in cases without a terminal illness. As per the current Canadian regime, approval for MAID takes only a “grievous and irremediable medical condition.”

Scary Trends

According to the poll results, 73% of Canadians are in favor of the current regime, while 16% are against it.

The option to have a medical “suicide” solely for being poor or homeless is not technically legal in Canada – yet, the survey found many Canadians would approve of it.

Thus, 27% said they would be okay with a legal medical suicide due to “poverty” and 28% would be fine with MAID for “homelessness.” To top it all off, 20% of the respondents approved of giving MAID to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Even more shockingly, the report found the 20% supporting unconditional assisted suicide in Canada were evenly spread among political affiliations. Their cohort included Conservative Party supporters, 20% of Socialist Democrat NDP party supporters, and 22% of Liberal Party supporters.

When MAID was legalized in Canada in 2016, it was used by 2,838 Canadians. In 2021, the number spiked to 10,064.