Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals the Shocking Truth About Joe Biden!

"Joe Biden" by Ancho.

After a turbulent year like 2021 leading straight into the geopolitical and economical chaos of 2022, many forgot what happened when a certain presidential family member’s diary entries were leaked to the general public.

Namely, the founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, had his house raided by a SWAT team. This happened after his activist group shared some of the entries, leading many to believe the attack was approved by Joe Biden himself.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

The diary that could’ve ended a presidency

Apparently, the diary was found at a Florida home by Aimee Harris. She was promptly probed and arrested by the FBI, which has, at this point, become something like Biden’s secret police force.

Tucker Carlson was quick to respond to this shameless display of power, questioning why a civilian was probed by the feds over an “incident” that isn’t even a federal crime.

Although the diary’s contents are definitely no laughing matter.

Aside from Ashley claiming to be a sex addict, which makes her the second Biden offspring to have a crippling addiction, she alludes her “showers with dad” in her early years may have contributed to the addiction.

What’s more bizarre is how this part of the story never made it to mainstream media, especially considering how long it’s been since the diary was originally discovered.

Yer, despite Biden’s immense power as president of the US, something’s always got to give.

Biden flagged as a child molester?

The 2019 diary entry has Ashley describing how she started having intercourse with some of her friends at an early age, adding the showers with her dad from the years prior probably helped in developing her addiction.

There’s no reasonable explanation for this that doesn’t paint Joe as a child molester.

It’s important to point out that while Ashley doesn’t specify when the “showers” happened, she was still old enough to remember it.

Tucker slammed Biden for these allegations, claiming even if someone were to not classify these acts as child molestation, it’s still enough to warrant a visit from the boys in blue.

Unfortunately, the FBI is far more willing to raid the homes and offices of those revealing the truth, rather than those incriminated by these discoveries.

This led Carlson to question the abuse of power that goes into summoning the FBI to investigate a diary theft.

The Biden family has its demons.

Joe is doing his best to hide them, one by one, but with all the buzz surrounding his behavior around young women, paired with these findings, even the most die-hard Biden supporters are bound to lose faith in his leadership.

From a drug addict son to a sex addict daughter, it seems the Bidens have really hit the jackpot with Hunter and Ashley. Considering we’ve only seen a portion of their private lives so far, there’s no telling what went on behind closed doors in the Biden household.