Ashamed Dems Run From Key Committee Hearing Near Southern Border

All the Democrat Party members of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives ran away from attending a field hearing in Texas.

This happened possibly out of shame, due to the illegal immigrant invasion they have brought about, together with President Joe “No Border” Biden.

Lefties Quietly Quit Planned Texas Field Hearing

The Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee did not even have the courtesy to properly and adequately inform the public of their decision to pull out from the week’s planned hearing in the field in Texas.

Instead, their move was revealed by the committee’s Republican Chairman, Rep. Mark Green of North Carolina.

The Texas hearing pullout of the otherwise unabashed pro-illegal immigration lefties comes amid the unspeakable tsunami of illegals inundating the United States of America on the watch of the Biden administration.

Well over six million illegal immigrants have invaded the US since Biden took over the White House 26 months ago.

According to the estimates of the US Customs and Border Protection agency, the number in question includes close to two million gotaways who were caught by Border Patrol agents, only to get released in the country’s interior.

A Daily Wire report quoting Mark Green’s announcement points out that the tsunami of illegal immigration has been happening since the policies of Biden are “acting as magnets” for both the illegal immigrants and their Mexican drug cartel traffickers.

According to a 2022 report by the New York Times, Mexican drug cartels made about $500 million in 2018 from human trafficking. However, in 2022, their human smuggling income skyrocketed by 2,500%, reaching $13 billion.

Dems Accuse GOP of Political Attack Plot

In his statement exposing the cowardly move of the Democrats, Green declared their Texas field hearing as “deeply disappointing.”

The Republican said Democrats “have chosen to bail,” even after they invited a minority witness to testify in one of the panels and confirmed the arrangement.

Green stressed that the lefties’ absence sent the message they were “uninterested” in discussing “the devastation” the illegal immigration crisis caused for the American people and communities nationwide.

He added the GOP would keep trying to get the Democrats out of their “DC echo chamber” so the latter could “meet Americans” and gain first-hand knowledge of their issues.

At the same time, US Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, wrote on Twitter that the GOP was to blame for the development.

Thompson accused Republicans of seeking to “politicize” the field hearing in Texas, rather than hold a “fact-finding mission” for “better immigration and border security policies.”

He falsely claimed the GOP members of the House Homeland Security Committee were only traveling to the US-Mexican border so they could “attack the [Biden] administration” by utilizing “their extreme rhetoric.”

Thompson also claimed Democrats regularly made “substantive” site visits on their own.