As Employment Rate Rises, Black Americans are Being Left Behind

Unemployment Protest 027 by Charleston's TheDigitel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There’s been good news recently on the economy, believe it or not.

Things are still rough, and lockdowns and social distancing is still hard on small businesses, but in an inspiring spirit of toughness, people are starting to come back from the abyss nonetheless and fighting their way out back to being able to earn a living.

Despite the many Americans who are out of the workforce, sick or otherwise not working for various reasons, the latest reports show that employment is surging. In fact, unemployment has dropped to a national average of only 6.2%.

Part of this is reportedly being driven by renewed hiring at restaurants and pubs as some states move to reopen and more Americans get vaccinated.

But it’s not all good news:

Things are not going well for Black Americans in this country right now, not that you’ll hear about it from the mainstream media.

Black Americans have actually seen a jump in their unemployment rate with it rising to a worryingly high 9.9%.

Meanwhile, White, Hispanic and Asian Americans had their employment rate go up.

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What’s Going On With the Surging Black Unemployment?

In addition being one of the hardest hit ethnic groups from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to be honest.

Black Americans have also been hurt by the departure of President Trump. His remarkable accomplishments in proactively working with the Black community to boost employment and restore the American dream were something that the critics said would never be possible.

Of course he went and did it anyway. And of course the media and the progressives ignored it.

It’s almost like the White leftists don’t actually care about Black people.

After taking office in 2017 up until the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2019, Trump helped Black unemployment fall to its lowest rate on record.

It had been decades since anyone even thought this was possible, but Trump worked with Black leaders and communities to create economic opportunity zones, stop illegal aliens from stealing Black jobs and overall boosting the situation faced by many of our fellow citizens.

Black Americans are Dealing with a Disloyal President

Now that Biden is in office, Black Americans are faced with an old problem. People who pretend to be their friend and say nice things but actually do nothing to work with them or improve the situation.

That’s Biden 100%: opening borders, killing jobs, keeping borders restricted and quarantines at full strength, spouting woke rhetoric that goes against many socially conservative Black American Christians, and altogether making it clear that the upper class White liberals who write his speeches are more important to him than the actual people of color who voted for him.

The pandemic has been an absolute disaster for everyone, but especially for Black Americans. While the rate keeps falling for other minorities, Black people in this country are getting the short end of the stick, seeing their communities struggle disproportionately from COVID and watching a President who says how much he cares while leaving them in the dust.

If the media had ever really cared about what’s true it would have admitted the good things that Trump was doing for Black Americans, but instead all we heard about were his mean tweets. The problem with that is that now that Biden’s in office you’re not going to hear about anything bad he does.

The result:

More Americans out of work, depressed, using substances, confused, asking when this insanity will end and reaching out to politicians who say they care only to find that they’re dealing with professional liars who won’t lift a finger to help them or even truly listen to their concerns.