Arrogant Liberal Mayor of DC Lies Directly About Not Wearing a Mask At Wedding

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is in trouble since photos surfaced of her without a mask after she’d put DC under a mask mandate the day before.

By now this just sounds like typical Democrat hypocrisy, but it gets worse. Bowser was performing official ceremonies as mayor in the DC neighborhood of Adams Morgan.

She was joined by many other folks without masks as well. Despite being caught in a photo not wearing a mask indoors, Bowser denies it.

DC Mask Mandate

The new DC mask mandate requires everyone to wear a mask when they are inside. It applies to everyone, including those who have had the vaccine.

The new mask mandate applies to any person who is more than two-years-old. That certainly includes Bowser, unless we’re going by her mental age.

This is not to mention that there were hundreds of people at the Adams Morgan neighborhood wedding which was at an upscale hotel called the Line.

The wedding was up on the roof, which Bowser led in her official capacity, followed by dinner downstairs. Unless she was busy or had food or drink, Bowser should have had her mask on.

She didn’t and neither did many of the other guests around her. The hypocrisy is stunning and for her to claim she didn’t do what she’s caught on camera doing is outrageous.

Bowser’s Race-Baiting Record

Bowser is in deep with fellow Democrats like the Clintons and Obamas and is a typical leftist on almost every single issue. She has a long history of gaslighting and lying about anything involving race.

A recent example was the brutal murder of an Uber Eats driver by two black teen girls who wanted to steal his car. The man wouldn’t let them, so they tased him and drove off into a wall at top speed, flinging his body 20 feet and killing him.

DC residents – and Americans as a whole – were shocked and outraged. Bowser, instead, posted a video about how it’s people’s own responsibility to stay safe from carjacking.

She also implied that the ethnicity of the two suspects factored into the angry reaction from the public and the situation that made them disadvantaged to feel drawn to crime. Unbelievable liberal nonsense and excuses for criminals.

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised, But We Should Be Angry

Bowser’s flouting her own mask rules shouldn’t surprise any of us, but it should make us angry. Those with kids in the DC area have to make their kids wear masks in schools; you can’t even go in a restaurant or do basic stuff without a mask indoors.

Yet, this entitled liberal woman feels she can go out with no mask, get caught on camera, and then just deny it. There’s really no end to the hypocrisy and lies of our establishment liberal elite. They don’t deserve to be in power in any way.