Armed Mexican Troops Caught Illegally Entering the US

Remember when Trump announced his run for president in 2015? He called out Mexico for sending drug dealers, rapists, and criminals over our southern border.

The liberal media threw a hissy fit and pretended that was somehow racist. What it was is a stone cold fact. As if we needed more proof, 14 Mexican soldiers were just caught trying to enter into the US.

One had drugs and it is entirely unclear what a group of armed soldiers were doing trying to enter the area near El Paso, Texas. To say the border crisis has become a military invasion is now no exaggeration, since it’s literally the news.

What Happened?

According to reports, the 14 Mexican troops drove over a bridge into El Paso. It’s not clear what they were doing, but they were fully armed and one was carrying drugs.

Customs and Border Patrol agents shouted at them to turn around and let go of their weapons. The soldiers complied and had their gear and weapons seized. They claimed they didn’t even know they had gone into the US by mistake.

This may well be true; after all, there’s a reason Mexico is run by bloodthirsty psychopathic cartels and the military has been unable to stop them.

These aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, let’s put it that way. Not to mention that the military is led by a corrupt government. The Mexican government can barely even keep pretending it’s against drugs and crime as it stacks away the bribe money.

In any case, these soldiers were turned around and sent back to Mexico without further incident. However, this event certainly raises serious questions.

It’s also the perfect symbol of the invasion taking place at our southern border which is being encouraged by the traitor Joe Biden.

The Southern Invasion

The latest incidents in the invasion of our southern border are very disturbing indeed. Most recently, 30,000 illegals from Haiti swamped the small town of Del Rio, Texas and led to an extreme strain on our border agents.

The National Guard and Texas state troopers came to help out, including on horseback, leading to an eventual de-escalation. Then, the liberal media said the agents on horseback using whips were somehow racist and the feds ordered no more horses to be used.

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott pointed out, the agents weren’t even whipping people. They were using the whips to steer their horses. Yet, the images made liberals sad, so a new regulation had to be made.

That’s seriously where America is in 2021: more concerned about an image that could look racist than about a third world invasion of this country by unknown and possibly COVID-positive individuals, as well as terrorists.

We just don’t know who is coming in or why.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that these soldiers show the stupidity of the Mexican government and its incompetence.

They also show the danger our border is in with stoned and armed troops creeping across it. We need a real president. We need it now.