Armed Man in Louisville Confronts BLM After They Interrupt His Dinner

concealed-carry-holsters by 22860 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Black Lives Matter claims to care about Black people and saving their lives.

It claims to stand against police brutality and injustice. 

In reality, BLM harasses ordinary people, accuses all White folks of being racist and causes violence, property destruction, chaos and hatred in society just at a time when we need the exact opposite. 

This aggressive, horrible extremist group gets a free pass from our corrupt liberal media and the establishment politicians who cheer them on, and they know it. 

That’s why they act with impunity, doing what they want and acting like absolute idiots in public with no consequences. 

But some BLM protesters during the Kentucky Derby in Louisville got a bit of a rude wake-up call after verbally abusing the wrong man at an outdoor dining area of a local restaurant. 

Instead of taking the abuse and apologizing he drew his weapon and told them to back the hell off. 

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Protesters Prank the Wrong Person

Protesters marching north on Derby weekend in Louisville went past a classy European-style restaurant called La Chasse and decided to shout at people there. Many of the BLM folks had guns and other weapons, so they definitely figured they were good to go with hurling their racist abuse and accusations. 

But diners weren’t impressed, and one man stood up and had a talk with them drawing his small pistol and pointing it at them as he requested them to stand down. 

A reporter from the local paper the Louisville Courier-Journal was there and tweeted out the incident as it happened, including photos that show the man leveling his pistol at the BLM goons. 

You can also see that a number of the BLM extremists are carrying weapons. But they didn’t like the man standing up to them and after a little more time a Black woman – who it was not clear if she was with BLM, a diner or with the restaurant itself – forcefully told the rest of them to move along and they left to go bother other people. 

In a statement to media, Louisville Metro Police spokesperson Alicia Smiley said that “during the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms.”

In particular, Smiley said the confrontation happened after other protesters were already arrested for blocking traffic and trying to cause chaos.

“This incident occurred after the arrests of southbound protesters in the area on the 1500 block of Bardstown Road. The arrests of that group were made after protesters repeatedly blocked the roadway despite officers giving multiple verbal requests for them to utilize the sidewalk.”

That definitely sounds like BLM. They should try doing that in Florida under Governor DeSantis’ new law…

Just Another Derby Weekend … With a Twist

Medina Spirit pulled off a surprise win in the 2021 Kentucky Derby, but it was a great weekend all told. At least five people were arrested during the protests, but people like the man in the blue shirt at La Chasse didn’t let these goons ruin their weekend at the races. 

Most of those arrested were picked up for blocking the roadway, and their “no justice, no peace!” chants were drowned out by the cheers of the crowd. Still, business owners were scared and uncomfortable with the roving bands of hooligans, including the fact that some of the BLM extremists were armed and one was even charged for “first-degree wanton endangerment of an officer” after threatening an officer with open alcohol and a loaded gun in the front of his car. 

Louisville is currently short on police and has a major crime spike. In fact violent crime like rapes and murder is currently up 81% this year. 

So if you’re wanting to fight crime feel free to head on down. The local residents will appreciate you, even if BLM won’t.