Armed Civilian Stops Mass Shooting in Indiana

The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. We’ve all heard this phrase, but many people think of it more as a cliche or something that pro-2A people just repeat to feel good.

The fact is that it’s statistically correct.

A quick scan of defensive gun uses in the United States shows the truth: there have already been 370 defensive gun uses in this country just in 2022. There have been 2,479 defensive gun uses since 2019.

Those are just the ones that have been on record.

The latest example comes out of the Greenwood Park neighborhood of Indianapolis where a tragic day was prevented from being even worse.

Gunman Interrupts Mass Shooting

Yesterday was a dark day in Indianapolis at the Greenwood Park Mall when a man entered the mall and began spraying bullets from an AR-15.

The gunman was in the process of mowing people down when something happened that he did not expect. A 22-year-old civilian in the mall pulled out his handgun and shot the attacker dead on the spot.

Greenwood’s head of police Jim Ison is calling the civilian a “hero” after what happened, noting the defensive gun use occurred almost immediately after the attack began.

Four individuals have died as a result of the attack, while several others were hurt. However, police are noting the attack was ongoing at the time the civilian took down the shooter.

If this had continued even 30 seconds or one to two minutes more before police arrived, it’s terrifying to think how many more people might have died.

The Left Reacts

The left, including Moms Demand Action member Shannon Watts, said this shows just how dangerous guns are and how they need to be further restricted.

According to her logic and that parroted by many accounts on social media, the police in Uvalde and their slow response to the shooting there proves the worthlessness of high-powered weapons in the hands of good guys.

This shooting, meanwhile, proves the danger of powerful guns in the hands of bad guys. Therefore, guns should be much more heavily restricted and less relied on for protection and upholding the law.

Perhaps Watts missed the memo: the reason many, many more people aren’t dead right now in Indiana is that a man armed with a pistol reacted rapidly and took down a guy with a semi-automatic weapon.

Acting like it’s guns that are the problem is insane. It’s criminals with guns who are the problem. The solution is brave people with guns, including most certainly trained and courageous civilians.

Can We Please Stop This?

We need more good guys with guns. We also need much harsher punishment for violent crime.

Let’s stop blaming guns. They’re not responsible for crime and mass shootings: criminals are responsible for that.