Arizona’s New Democrat Governor Busing Illegal Immigrants Out of State

Katie Hobbs is the new governor of Arizona after narrowly defeating Republican challenger Kari Lake in the midterms. Hobbs is a Democrat and left-wing individual, but after being sworn in, she made a surprising announcement.

Illegal immigrants will continue to be bused out of the state, just the same way her predecessor GOP Governor Doug Ducey was doing.

Hobbs said she will promote a campaign to transfer these migrants to U.S. cities where they were already wanting to go.

Why Is Hobbs Doing This?

According to Hobbs, many sponsors of these migrants are in other U.S. cities. On January 13, Hobbs renewed the migrant transfer assistance program and maintained the same service provider as the previous government.

Under Ducey, many migrants ended up in New York and Washington, DC. According to him, he was just doing what was necessary and trying to get migrants to where they had sponsors and opportunities.

He pointed out that all migrants, who were asked to leave Arizona, withdrew of their own free will, without suffering any kind of oppression.

A Humanitarian Migrant Busing Program?

In an official press release, Hobbs said the program to support these people is humanitarian. Hobbs already claims the program invested money to remove migrants from the state, then they are properly transferred to the final destination cities.

That way, the state is actually doing a good deed for the community, according to Hobbs. She added some migrants will also be flown out on planes to sanctuary cities and final destinations.

Currently, the multimillion-dollar budget for this type of program in Arizona exceeds the $15 million-a-year mark. In Ducey’s time, the costs of the program were far beyond the measly millions Hobbs has invested.

The amount, of just one vehicle, to transport migrants out of the state of Arizona, came to a cost of more than $80,000 during the Ducey government. Other border protection measures in the Ducey era cost more than $200 million to the public coffers.

Saving Money on Migrants

Josselyn Berry, the current governor’s press secretary, said Hobbs’ administration has been dedicated to finding more cost-effective ways to deal with the migrant withdrawal program throughout Arizona state.

Berry said the Hobbs government doesn’t only care about public coffers spending, but also about the well-being of the entire Arizona community. She said cheapening costs does not mean they are dealing in any way less seriously with the issue of migrants.

Hobbs assures everyone that her government is doing what it can to uphold the law and get migrants where they want to go, while still saving money.

The Bottom Line

Hobbs recognizes that border towns in Arizona and the state as a whole are being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, but she wants to solve the problem on the cheap.

The truth is these are all half measures until the border is actually secure.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.