Arizona Signs Law Blocking Critical Race Theory

We live in a time when freedom is on the line. In many cases, it’s come down to state governors to uphold the values of America in the face of the Biden regime.

The latest example comes out of the great state of Arizona, where Republican Governor Doug Ducey just signed a bill into law that bans CRT (critical race theory) from being pushed in his state. 

Racist Propaganda? Not in Arizona!

Ducey’s bill bans any CRT from being taught in the state or any employees being taught that their ethnic identity makes them racist or racially guilty. It easily sailed through Arizona’s state House and got through the state Senate by a comfortable margin. 

Ducey says the bill is part of his promise to use taxpayer money in an accountable way. He called CRT “political commentary” and said it has no place in Arizona’s schools, political offices, or public institutions. 

Ducey says that he will not throw away any money on CRT because he considers it to be against free speech and in keeping with racism. He’s right on both counts there. 

House Bill 2906 and House Bill 2898

The law, House Bill 2906, should be a good bulwark against the harmful teachings of CRT. 

States like Arizona are fully willing to work on improving and acknowledging tensions or inequalities; however, they’re not interested in a neo-Marxist program designed to make kids judge people by skin color. 

This bill stopping any state money from going down the tubes into CRT comes only a week after House Bill 2898.

HB 2898 is even more specifically targeted at schools; it hands schools fines up to $5,000 if they teach that any racial group is worse or more inherently guilty than another. 

What is CRT?

CRT is a left-wing racial theory. It teaches that people’s value is judged by the actions of their ethnic group and that white people are privileged, evil and oppressive. 

It’s highly popular in left-wing places and various school systems; although, many people have expressed serious reservations about it. 

They are concerned that their kids are being taught to see others only by their skin tone and that they are learning negative things about America. They’re right. 

One of the main teachings of CRT is that nations like the United States are built on “white supremacy” and our neo-colonial projects built on the backs of people of color. 

By framing everything in race, CRT claims it is healing the wounds of the past while making them worse.

Part of a Trend

Arizona’s not the only state standing up to CRT: 

Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida have also banned this toxic rhetoric from being taught in their schools. 

Let’s all give Ducey a round of applause for helping block CRT out of his state.